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Hi there!  My name is Molly.  I'm so jazzed to have you here!

So who am I?  Well, in an astrological nutshell, I'm an Aquarius Sun and Moon with an Aries ascendant (cool coincidence having a cardinal ascendant and having the last name Cardinal, eh?).  What they say about Aquarius people being weird af is true, and I have finally made peace with my alienhood.

My day job is running my own editing and proofreading business from home (Capricorn Mercury ftw). Someone with strong Aquarius or Uranian energy won’t do well trying to work in an office cubicle by someone else’s rules, and I figured that out years ago.  Besides, my dogs are much better co-workers.


I’m also up here practicing astrology, studying the effects of the cosmos on us earthlings. I find astrology to be spiritually impactful and illuminating in a way that correcting grammar is not, and I really want to share it with everyone who will listen so they can experience the same magic and fulfillment as I have.


I currently live in a small town in Northern Arizona with my Gemini husband, Gemini son, and our two doggies.  In addition to astrology, I love yoga, Mad Men, '60s rock, crystals, Glossier makeup, journaling, true crime documentaries, and Golden Oreos. 


There are as many approaches to astrology as there are astrologers, all of them super cool and unique.   I personally view astrology as a tool to understand ourselves and our soul's assignment for this lifetime.

Looking at the planets being tossed around the Sun, you can understand why you are encountering certain challenges, what natural talents and gifts you have, and why you are continuously being drawn towards bigger things. Don't you want to get a mind-blowing answer to the question, "Why am I like this?!"

When you get a reading from me, you'll receive a unique astrological perspective for your psyche, experiences, and goals.  You'll be shown a new way of understanding why these things are playing out in your life so that you can work to heal what needs to be healed and throw more energy and intention into the things that are going to take your life to the next level. 


I believe 100% in our free will as humans, however, and our choice to either work through and learn from our challenges and use our gifts, or not to not do that. Fatalistic and overly predictive astrology is also not my interest.  Rather than trying to figure out the exact day that you're going to meet your spouse, I'm more interested in uncovering the inner soul work you've been doing during this time that is opening you up to receiving someone in your life.

Together we can see what the planets have served up to you in this lifetime, how you can overcome your blocks, share your gifts with the world, and chase the dream your soul is craving.

My and my thoughts on astrology have been featured in Reader's Digest, Elite Daily, and Bustle.

If you're interested in working together in content creation, you can DOWNLOAD MY MEDIA KIT HERE.

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