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A natal chart reading gives you a new language through which to understand yourself, your story, and what you feel called towards.  


...and a natal chart reading with me offers you an intentionally and lovingly crafted report that reveals common themes in your life and gives you confidence to focus on what you can do now to enhance your gifts and overcome your challenges.  


Instead of selling a cookbook-style reading that simply lists the definition of every single placement and aspect in your chart without telling a meaningful story, I review each client's chart carefully to reveal what the astrology suggests is most important in their lives -- what is the overall driving force?  What energies seem to spill into multiple areas of life?  Which cosmic Mario Kart player keeps throwing bananas in your way at every turn

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Areas of focus include:

✳︎ PERSONALITY OVERVIEW: diving into the deeper reasons that you are the way you are and how you’ve evolved over the years

✳︎ WORK STUFF: the kind of career that resonates with you most and how you position your work in your life

✳︎ RELATIONSHIP STUFF: what kind of partner you are attracted to and what kind of partner you are

✳︎ GIFTS: your natural blessings and how you can take advantage of them

✳︎ SOUL CALLING: what your soul is craving for you to learn and accomplish in this life

✳︎ LESSONS: what you need to work on improving and overcoming


I am currently welcoming and waving at new clients.  If you're interested in ordering a reading, this is how it works:

1. Fill out form below.

2. I will get back to you to say hi 👋🏻 and confirm any details before moving forward with your order.

3. You will receive a request for a secure payment through Google Pay.

4. Within three business days, you will receive your reading in your email.  Yay!


HERE is a sample reading if you want to get an idea of what to expect.  It will be at least four written pages in PDF format covering the above topics.

Price: $99

Thanks! I'll get back to you soon ✨

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