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A letter from the mother ship: What it’s really like being the alien of the zodiac

Start learning about astrology and you start learning the stereotypical Tic Tac-sized explanations for each of the twelve signs: Aries is hotheaded, Taurus is stubborn, Gemini likes to talk, Cancer is too emotional, Leo is a narcissist, Virgo is a perfectionist, Libra can’t commit, Scorpio is a manipulative freak, Sagittarius just wants to party, Capricorn works too much, Aquarius is weird, and Pisces dwells in their own little dream world.

The Aquarius archetype is known for being bizarre and weird. But why is that? There are a couple perspectives worth considering.

If you subscribe to modern planetary rulerships, then Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus. Uranus is an outer planet—he’s quite far away from earth—and thus has an out-of-this world energy to him. Further, Uranus is a strange planet that spins on his side while the other planets spin upright—pretty weird. The astrological implications of Uranus are innovation and sudden strikes of intellectual genius. He has a wild, mad scientist energy about him. He’s mixing up weird colored chemicals and gasses in test tubes in his lab, oblivious to everyone else, and he isn’t really sure what’s going to happen.

Another perspective is to consider Aquarius’s opposition to the sign of Leo. Leo is ruled by the Sun and can be considered as the proud lion overlooking his kingdom. The Sun is the center of the solar system and all the other planets revolve around it. Thus, Leo likes to be the center of his world and have everything else revolve around him. Aquarius is the opposing sign to Leo, so Aquarius could give a flying you-know-what if anyone is revolving around him. He’s not out to please any kingdom, so he will, one, not even try to be universally appealing, or two, try purposefully to not be by being as different, strange, and abnormal as possible.

Either way you slice it, Aquarius’s “madness” is an important part of his energy profile.

I have my Sun, Moon, and Venus in the sign of Aquarius, so I know a thing or two about this sign’s energy and how it can manifest in one’s psychology.

Really, I’ve felt like a legit weirdo my entire life. Even when going through the motions of “normal” living alongside my peers, a lot of the time it didn’t feel quite natural to me, and I felt like a character from Third Rock From the Sun—definitely look human, but definitely are not! I’ve felt awkward in a lot of social situations because I just honestly didn’t know what I was supposed to do with these people.

I always had to find ways to be different in some fashion. As a preteen, I was what you might call a “late bloomer,” refusing to get into the typical girlie things my peers were doing like wearing makeup and shopping at Abercrombie until later. By the time I was a young teenager, I opted to rebel further by just wearing all black. When all my middle school friends went to one high school, I went to another. When all my high school friends went to one college, I went to another again. When all my adult friends were working office jobs, I quit mine and started a business from home. Read: A zoo-like corporate enclosure and accompanying office pleasantries and procedures is arguably the worst nightmare of someone with strong Aquarius energy. Get. Me. Out!!

Being an air sign, a big part of Aquarius energy is the intellectualizing and pondering of everything—even before simply feeling it. In my case that manifested as keeping stacks of journals from the time I learned how to write. I would spend hours trying to reason why something occurred, why I felt a certain way, and the pros and cons of taking a certain path.

If you’re already annoyed at what you perceive as my elitist “Wow, I’m just sooo different” posturing by this point in the article, then let me offer one point in my defense, and in the defense of Aquarians everywhere.

While, yes, a lot of us have self-perceptions that are framed by how odd we feel compared to everyone else, and that can result in a feeling of elitism for some Aquarians, the humanitarian and human connection aspect of this sign ensures that, at least when we’re on our best behavior, we aren’t sitting around judging other people for what they’re doing, even if it seems unbearably normie to us.

Aquarians care about other people’s individuality because their own individuality is sacred to them, so even if we don’t understand it—and very secretly wrinkle our noses at the thought of doing it—we applaud anyone who defines their own individuality and will always defend their right to do so.

But of course if you’re out there doing something that goes directly against the masses and in the process are really freaking people out, we are excitedly rubbing our hands together as we watch the show.

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