Neptune & Fake Piety

Updated: Dec 5, 2021


There's a grotesque virus in the collective, but it's not a coronavirus. It's (irrational) fear, (misplaced) anger, and antagonism. The media and the governmental powers are jointly patient zero, and they have spread the sickness through the populace, willfully allowing the infection to morph and worsen, purposefully and maliciously withholding the antidote: Truth. Many infected individuals are too far into the disease at this point and have descended into absolute madness, their minds and spirits having become swiss cheese. Even a potent drip of the truth can't cure their ailment now, for they are conditioned to believe sickness is health.

To think that there are dominant and pervasive entities that would elect to censor and conceal truth and act from a place of pure authoritarianism is not at all surprising. To think that there are giant swaths of individuals that would respond by giving up their sovereignty and willingly allow themselves to be dominated without question and with punishing animosity towards anyone who does have a question is alarming.

The scientific method is out. We've gone straight from the observation stage to the conclusion stage, and only one voice is valid now.

Objective review of facts is out. The more ineffective or destructive a deed proves to be, the more rigorously we must do it, and we must criminalize anyone who makes a different choice.

Intelligent discourse is out. Admitting fault compromises the authority.

Intellect and reason are out. Preying upon and inflaming people's emotions is much more effective in producing compliance, even if the aforementioned objective facts tell a different story.

The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants, and it provides the further advantage of giving the servants of tyranny a good conscience. –Albert Camus

This epic us versus them story will not age well in the history books, assuming an Orwellian Records Department has not overtaken all publishing by then.

By the way, it has taken concerted effort to only assert one single 1984 reference in this post, despite the unambiguity with which our world resembles that dystopian authoritarian nightmare.

The Neptune Connection

Neptune has been opposing the place at which it was during a certain German individual's rise to power in the 1930s and 1940s. Whereas he in part asserted that certain groups were no good due to inherent, practical traits (your flesh wasn't the right color, for instance), the new rulers dictate that certain groups are no good because they're not complying.

Of course it has nothing to do with health and wellness anymore, though they were good at convincing a lot of people it was. Mounting contradictory evidence, changing stories, and moving goalposts have made it clear to objective thinkers that the masters are merely trying to maintain authority and control at this point rather than help anyone, and the damage they've done in some cases has been irreversible.

Neptune is a planet of illusions. Observers of history may ask themselves how on earth one crazy guy was able to convince an entire army of people that non-Nordics should be exterminated. How can one man wield that much influence? From the Neptunian perspective, the illusion was rooted in puritanism. Virgo is representative of purity, and the victims of that dictator were subject to fake, delusional purity.

As the planet has swung around the wheel to sit in the opposing degrees in the sign of Pisces, how can we assess today's illusion? Piety. Pisces is good, reverent, and closely connected to the divine. Piscean energy is self-sacrificial. It is also abstract and not grounded in empirical reality.

Today's illusion is that some people are inherently "good," and some are "bad," depending on whether they've done the act that is being presented as reverent. To whom do we owe this reverence? The illusion is that we owe it to the collective, but the reality behind the veil is that we owe it to the people in charge.

Further evidence is revealed that the act does not actually protect anyone else, and perhaps not even the person that does it. Instead of conceding, however, the people in charge keep telling you you need more. As stated, the goalpost keeps moving. Unfortunately some individuals are still so entranced by the illusion that they continue to do what they're told, saying "yes, sir, tell me what to do next," and admonish those who are less agreeable. For others, layers of the veil are slipping away, revealing the deranged tyrants underneath and the almost unbelievable rouse they've imposed on everyone.

Might I ask–no, beg anyone who hasn't already done so to put your emotions aside, blink your glossy, spellbound eyes a couple times, and think critically about what is going on here? Who are really the beneficiaries of these acts and so-called requirements? Who has been wrong time and time again, but continues to demand allegiance? What actually makes sense outside of the fear-mongering, misrepresentations, and outright omissions?

What is behind the veil?