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A STORY OF CHANGE | Astro Bulletin May 27–June 3

The planets are telling us a story this week—a story about ourselves, where we’ve been, and where we’re going. Pull up a chair and let me translate for you.

Our opening scene this week is one of confusion and even some chaos. Just going to be honest with you. Mutable energy is not native to me, but we all really need it sometimes. Mercury is going to be swinging into a T-square with Neptune and Jupiter mid-week, but the Moon moving over Neptune is going to start activating this energy right away. This is all changeable, movable, mutable energy coming in strong from multiple directions. We’re going to start off the week feeling like something needs to change on a spiritual level in our lives, like we’re being guided to make a change by a divine force, even if we’re not sure what that’s supposed to be. Messages may be coming in from all directions, and our head is swiveling around like an owl trying to listen to all of them. We will need to find a way to make sense of it all.

Simultaneously, Venus is going to be having a chat with the South Node that will be reminding us of what we’ve always valued, the stuff we’ve always desired, and perhaps the things that we’ve always been able to gather for ourselves with ease. It’s helpful to see where our manifestation ability really lies, what we can call into our lives so as to use that power going forward. Perhaps some of it is worth accumulating further, but perhaps some is not. Remember what I said about making a change? This week mutable trumps fixed.

Wednesday and Thursday are the powerful days for this wild T-square. For astrology noobs, this looks like a literal T shape of the planets. Because a T-square involves signs of the same modality (in this case the mutable signs), we can feel conflicted in terms of where we’re supposed to go. The configuration happening this week is even more powerful, because all three of these planets are in their home signs: Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter in Sagittarius, and Mercury in Gemini. Further, all of these planets are trying to convey information and show us where we need to make a shift. Neptune is revealing spiritual truths. Jupiter, who is retrograde, is unveiling the larger picture of where our worldview and philosophies need to evolve with us to match where our journey is going to take us. Lastly, zippy little Mercury is showing us not only the logic of the situation, but also how we can take all this information and put it into practice in a digestible everyday context. Through this transit, which will last a couple of days, you need to be aware of every place from which you’re receiving guidance—a divine voice within, your higher and wiser self that has learned from the past, and signs and symbols around you. There is a way to bring all of it together into a cohesive message about what needs to change and where you need to shift directions, but it’s going to require much patience with yourself.

The number 18 is showing up in the charts in several places during this T-square transit and on Thursday with Venus. In the tarot, card number 18 is the Moon. With so much happening and the potential for chaos, we must look to our intuition to help calm us, find stillness, and make sense of it all.. The Moon is our deeper self that we don’t always have on display to the world, but that we sit alone with in the darkness. That’s the part of yourself that you need to tune into during this week, where you can shut out the noise and be centered. You just REALLY need to find some quiet space.

The story continues as the Moon transits over Venus this weekend, activating Venus’s aspect over to Saturn and Pluto. Now that you’ve become aware of where your ease of manifestation is and you’re starting to make sense of what needs to change in your life, how can you start to create those shifts from deep within on that lunar plane I talked about? Any observable change in your life starts as an internal change first, and that’s what is being asked of you now.

And because the astrology ALWAYS follows the perfect pattern, we are getting a Gemini new Moon on Monday early in the morning to initiate our new cycle. We can really start observing it on Sunday.

This new Moon is perfect for shifting your mindset in order to make those changes in your life that you’re being guided to. It is kind of odd in that it’s not going to be closely aspecting any other planets in the sky, so it could cause us to feel that strange disconnect ourselves. Like we have something we want to change, but we’re not sure how that’s going to impact the rest of our lives, how everything is going to come together. Even when it seems like one doesn’t follow the other, it’s crucial to remember that the mindset change must happen before the manifested change. The new Moon is happening at 12° of Gemini, and we can again look to card number 12 of the tarot, the Hanged Man. He’s upside down and looking at the world in a whole new way, and in the imagery there is a golden light about his head. He’s coming to a new realization. That’s what we are being asked to do: Start viewing ourselves and our journeys in a whole new light, whether that is abundance, love, joy, et cetera, and allow the internal change to manifest externally.

Card Pull

The Moon and The Hanged Man, plus a sleepy dog. I felt compelled to look at these two cards in examining the charts this week…see horoscope for details. The Moon encourages us to find stillness deep within in order to process and make sense of everything happening and letting our intuition show us what to do. The Hanged Man wants us to change our perspective—and thus change our lives.

Energy Rx

Nothing like the classic old clear quartz to find, well, CLARITY in the midst of this mayhem.  Keep it close with the intention of not only clarity, but opening your channels up to receiving the messages and guidance you need the most in order to create change.

Picture c/o Energy Muse

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