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ALLOWING CHANGE | Astro Bulletin June 10–17

Exciting news! As the newsletter for this week hits inboxes on Monday, I will be in the hospital welcoming my little Gemini nugget into the world. He will likely be born sometime June 10. Cute baby pics to follow.

But let’s get into the astrology for the week. Last night the Moon activated the mutable grand cross, which as she continues on through Virgo has become a T-square with Sun, Jupiter, and Neptune. There’s so much changeability in the air—we’re all being asked to allow ourselves to shift and change our lives in a major way. The planets involved in this transit are representative of our souls, our worldview, and our spirituality; these are things that we don’t take change to very lightly. But even when we are fully convinced that we know how things are supposed to go, the Universe likes to remind us that we need to stay open and flexible because we don’t know it all. Allow these changes to happen, because you are being divinely guided along your path.

In addition to the stuff going on with the Sun, Jupiter, and Neptune, powerful Mars is also trying to help direct us forward. He will be colliding with the North Node at the beginning of the week, helping us to identify where we can find more flow down the river to our futures. While Mars prefers the fire of Aries, he is also the historical ruler of Scorpio, and he likes the cardinal energy of Cancer, so he still has a valid lesson to teach us here. Through the change and evolution that we’re experiencing, we are being directed towards our greater selves and our greater purposes—ones that align more closely with our spirits. There is ease to this shift in terms of us knowing within ourselves that it the right thing, but only if we, again, as I harped on before, consciously allow that ease to happen.

We’ll be thinking a lot about our destinies and our futures as the week rolls on, having experienced these powerful transits that I’ve already talked about, and also because Mercury will be sliding through all this Cancer stuff as well. Since we are in Gemini month right now, Mercury is kind of the big guy on campus. What he’s asking us to do by bringing together his mental Gemini nature into emotional and subconscious Cancer is to align our minds and our hearts, or our mental activity with our emotional activity. Doing so is a magical way to manifest greatness in your life, but it also just helps you feel better. When your faculties are going a million different directions and you can’t figure out what’s important, where to direct your energy, how to think, how to feel, it’s psychological and spiritual chaos. I talked about the idea of alignment in last week’s horoscope, and I’m going to bring it up again here. When you surrender to the spiritual path that’s being put in front of you, you can give over your thoughts and your feelings to a higher power knowing that they’re going to help direct you forward. Even if those thoughts and feelings are fearful, by hanging onto faith and your purpose, you can be reassured that you will be aided in resolving that fear and staying on the path.

We have a full Moon happening in the wee hours of Monday the 17th, so we will start feeling it Sunday. Being in the sign of Sagittarius and right next to retrograde Jupiter, the theme of letting go is even more prominent for this particular full Moon. Release what you think you know about how the world works and how your dreams could possibly happen. Release what you think you know about how your personal version of God works. This Moon is bringing the lessons of the last couple weeks to a peak and giving us a last call for surrender to the change. Life is a wild and crazy adventure, and there’s so much for us to experience. It’s up to us to be open to those experiences and where they take us.

Card Pull

The Moon reversed. As soon as I pulled this card, I got the clear message: Give up what you think you know. The Moon is the ruler of Cancer, and we have a lot of Cancer energy going on this week. But this reversal is reminding us that we need to be open to new revelations and new spiritual insight. We can’t keep up our stubborn bad attitude, being too afraid of the change, and blocking divine messages and guidance from coming through. Our external world will look a whole lot different when we shift our external world.

Energy Rx

Something different and simple this week. Go outside, put your feet in the dirt/grass/sand, and be still. Find steadiness and safety in the earth for a few minutes. With so much change happening, you can feel dizzy and out of touch with what’s real, so feeling the dependable earth beneath your feet will be the kind of comfort you need. It’s always there for you, even when everything above it is in flux.

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