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Am I screwed for life? Part II: Working through challenging chart points

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Read Part I of this article to understand how challenging chart points and configurations can manifest in what you might view as a personality “flaw,” but is really just an opportunity for growth.

So you’ve learned enough about your astrological birth chart to identify an aspect or placement that is funkifying your life. Rather than thinking you’re a lost cause and are permanently stained, you now understand the specific energies that are at work, at odds, that are playing out in your psychology and life.

This article is the Spray ‘n Wash and the accompanying instructions so you can dab and rub that ish out of your life.

The first step before attempting any sort of change is the fundamental belief that self-development is possible, change itself is possible, and you are ready and open to face the discomfort involved in it. I can’t help you with that part because it is purely a matter of self-motivation. But assuming you have already checked that box, or are in the process of checking it, read on.

Understand the energy

Because we’re talking about astrological aspects and points here, start by truly understanding the specific energies that you are witnessing. To use my example from the previous example of my Capricorn Saturn squaring my ascendant point, I had to begin by learning as much as I could about what each placement means individually so I could see how the conflict between them would be, well, a conflict.

The study and interpretation of astrology cannot happen in a vacuum, and any astrologer worth their salt will tell you to be careful with what we call cookbook astrology, or itemized lists of placements that do not take into account your unique chart and everything else that it has to offer. But in order to learn these things about yourself, it’s time to break out The Joy of (Astrological) Cooking and go through your ingredients list.

Pull up trust old Googled and type in the stuff you’re researching. Plenty of good stuff will come up. Example: Do multiple searches such as: “Mars square Moon,” “Cancer Mars,” “Libra Moon.” Then you’ll start to understand how the energies are vibing independently and how they’re butting heads.

Once you have seen what the experts have to say about your placement, think about how you would define it yourself based on its manifestation in your own life. Really break down how it comes up in your internal environment (thoughts and feelings) and your external environment (your actions and outside reactions). There’s no single way that an astrological aspect will show up in someone’s life, so get specific on how it’s showing up for you.

And for heaven’s sake, try not to judge yourself as you start going through your laundry list of personal f*ck-ups here. We’re in a healing process and in order to heal, we need to identify and draw out the infection. Gross, but necessary.

Activity: Write in a journal or type in a Word doc about what you’ve learned from your research about your chart aspect as well as how it’s manifested in your life specifically. If you’re working on a single chart point (for example your femininity-challenged Aries Venus), obviously focus on that. If you’re working on an aspect between two points (for example your Venus/Moon square that’s giving you that emotionally unavailable reputation among your failed relationships), start by identifying the specific manifestations of each point (Venus and Moon) and then how they are crossing paths and disrupting each other’s flow, creating the problem.

Look at the light

Once you have a fuller understanding of what’s causing the issue, what your diagnosis is here, then you can find the correct medicine to fix it.

Start by appreciating the gifts that each placement has given you. That’s right, the glass is now half full, you pessimistic lunk. Stop being so down on yourself.

Every individual placement in astrology has high-vibrational energy associated with it—the “positive” stuff—and the lower, “negative” vibration, or the stuff that we are working to remedy. For this part we want to focus on the high vibes, the cool stuff that you can do because you have this placement.

For example, going back to my Saturn/ascendant square, my Capricorn Saturn gives me a great work ethic, the ability to be super analytical and organized in my endeavors, and responsible. Whereas the self-doubt and perfectionism are the dark, that stuff is the light.

Activity: Take each point and make a list of all the times you exhibited the high-vibe energy of that placement.

Working together

If you’re working with two individual placements in aspect, now we figure out how we can get the two non-cooperative energies to work together with some more peace. We’re in couple’s counseling now.

Think about how you can really find a way for these two energies to work harmoniously. If you’re working through that aforementioned Moon/Venus square, ask yourself how you can bring both your Moon energy and your Venus energy to the relationship at the same time instead of only giving one to your partner and letting the other one go somewhere else. Perhaps it’s a Moon and Pluto conjunction problem that’s making you into a rabid control freak. How can you turn that control over to yourself and your own actions instead of those of everyone else?

In my case, how can I get my desire of uninhibited self-expression with my Aries ascendant to work together with that analytical stuff and personal responsibility of Saturn? Well, by accepting that I simply am those things, that it’s all fine and good here, and I should express them fully. Look at it from the perspective of both placements. So for me, on the flip side, how do I make it my committed business to be as true to myself as possible without compromise?

Activity: Pretend each energy is a person and you’re the intervener in the relationship. Write down how you would suggest to them that they find a way to work together.

Read Part III of this series to discover how to put all this—Hey! What a surprise—analytical work into practice in your daily life. Stay tuned!

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