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Am I screwed for life? Part III: Putting it into practice IRL

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Read Part I and Part II of this series first to help you identify the challenging points and aspects in your chart and how to start healing them.

So you've identified the internal blooper that's been holding you back in life, and you've started the self-work necessary to heal it. So how do you actually make your life better by putting this stuff into practice?

Well, I’m guessing that the mere exercise of doing everything you’ve been doing up to this point (Yay! Activities!) has given you the gift of being much more mindful of the challenging aspect or point, which in turn allows you to process it more effectively internally before letting it out. There is a fabulous start.

But wait, there’s more.

# Goals

Before you upgrade your life, you have to know what you’re upgrading to. You might be one of those people that doesn’t bother to read the bulleted list of b*llshit that is being updated on your iPhone when you finally give in to the incessant software update popups and install the dang thing (me), but in this case, we want to know exactly what we want.

Decide how you want these energies to work together from here on out. Identify how you want to replace your bad habits with new ones that are much more functional and healthy. Think about what would replace the f*ck-ups.

Activity: Write about how your life would be if you were to find that functional and healthy way of integrating the energies in your internal world. You could write a general description of your life, a narrative of a new day in the life, or a personality profile of your new self.

Mindful action

As you go about your day-to-day life after completing this exercise up to this point, you will start to see the kinds of situations that trigger the aspect or point in question. But because you’ve identified and really dissected it, you’ll start to become more mindful of the situations themselves as well as the reactions that you have.

Set the intention for mindful action—observing and thinking about each situation and your reaction before you do it. You’ve set the goals for how you’d like your life to look, the new way that you’d like to process the aspect or point, and now you must recondition your consciousness to match.

It won’t always come easy, especially at the beginning. There will be plenty of times that you resort back to old behaviors. But the more mindful you are of the change you’re trying to make and the more times you take a breath before reacting to immerse yourself into your # goals self, the more successful you will be at healing the issue.


Any time that you come face to face with part of your shadow self—that is your flaws, scars, shortcomings, and other sh*tty stuff—the more important it is to remember your own value and the fact that you are on a lifetime journey of healing and improvement, as are all the rest of us. The timeline that you are following to do so will not look like anyone else’s, nor does it need to. Just because someone else is on Step 3 does not mean that you aren’t kicking ass on Step 1.

When you’re undergoing a significant period of self-development, making plenty of time for self-care is not optional. You’re prioritizing yourself in the change process, so you must prioritize yourself in the pampering process as well. Find time to do stuff that makes you happy—mani/pedi, more journaling, wine and bubble bath, or Seinfeld marathons on Hulu. Stirring up that positive vibe is healing.

In conclusion

Like I already said, we are spending our entire lives healing, improving, and challenging ourselves to do more. Acknowledging the BS that’s holding you back from doing this is absolutely crucial before you proceed down the path. And like any bodybuilder would tell you between sips of protein shake, you have to get in the gym (of life) and break down those muscles (of bad habits) in order to strengthen and build them. And as anyone who has ever been a human before knows, getting into the gym in the first place is often the hardest part, but you know you'll always feel amazing when you're done!

So go pump some iron, okay?

And if you want a spotter, book a chart reading with me and I can help you decipher the challenging points and aspects in your chart and help you devise a scrumptious plan on how to work to heal them.

See you in my next post!

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