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Aquarius Stereotypes

It’s time for my personally most anticipated installation in my series on sign stereotypes, Aquarius. I have my sun, moon, and Venus in this sign, and I just vibe it hard.

Little me casually on my way back to the mothership

So of course the most oft-repeated claim about the this sign is that they’re weird AF. Okay, I can explain. But there’s another phrase that gets thrown around a lot, especially in little descriptors of the zodiac signs that you read, and that’s that Aquarius is allegedly “emotionally detached.” I don’t love this way of describing it, so I’m going to set the record straight.

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac. Their symbol is the water bearer and their glyph is the cute little squiggly lines. However, Aquarius is not a water sign; they’re fixed air. Their modern ruling planet is Uranus, but prior to that assignment, they were considered to be ruled by Saturn. I personally like to think of them being dually ruled, as both planets offer insight into Aquarius’s energy. Uranus is progressive and thinks out of the box, and Saturn is rigid and committed. Somehow Aquarius is all of those things at once, which is probably one of the reasons why they confuse people.

Greetings, humans

People love to talk about how simply WEIRD Aquarius types are. They are so unlike everyone else that sometimes it seems like they’re trying to be strange just for the sake of being different and rebelling against society (hint: sometimes they are).

The planet Uranus is the only one in the solar system that spins on its side. When all the other planets are acting normal and grooving around the sun with their axis vertical as it should be, Uranus is spinning on a horizontal axis and seeing everything from a different perspective, and thus Aquarius types see the world and their place in it from a different perspective.

To look at it another way, the sun is the ruler of Leo, which is Aquarius’s opposing sign, so when you put the sun in the exact opposite place that it wants to be, it’s going to behave strangely— it doesn’t know how to express itself with the same ease and glow as it does in Leo. Aquarius connects to solar energy for this reason, it wants to be its true and unique self, but it’s just going to look different than what you’d expect.

I think, therefore I am

And to continue this discussion of a disconnection from regularity, Aquarius simply has its own way of processing emotions. While we like to look to the lunar placement to understand an individual’s emotional body, we can still gain insight into how their sun—their soul and ego—expresses feelings.

The air signs are all more mentally and intellectually driven than the others. And with Aquarius’s fixed quality, that mental energy is strong and even obsessive. When a situation arises that evokes one’s emotions to go to work, Aquarius is much more comfortable redirecting it to the mind and logic. Aquarius is the one that likes to play their own shrink ask themselves, “Well, why do I feel this way?” before permitting themselves to feel any kind of way. This obsessive thinking and rationalizing means that Aquarians also get the rep for having an intellectual superiority complex. They spend so much time up in their head that it's like their MTV Cribs.

The “emotionally detached” allegation does make sense, when you consider that Aquarius is attaching more to the logic of the situation rather than the illogical feelings, but I think this expression makes it seems like they don’t feel anything, which isn’t true at all. They just, again, feel it differently and express it differently. And, sure, to an Aquarius not all situations warrant an emotionally incontinent reaction.

In conclusion

Aquarius energy wants to teach us that it’s totally okay to be different. But beyond the “be yourself” tripe, Aquarius also shows us that it’s normal to feel abnormal. When it seems like everyone else seems to see it one way and are comfortable doing so, and you don’t know why you can’t too, accept that those people probably feel the same way about something else in their lives.

Where is the sign of Aquarius in your chart and how to you approach that area of life differently? Do you ever feel like you are the odd man out there sometimes? It’s okay, you’re not crazy, you’re just spinning on your side.

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