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Aries Stereotypes

I’m coming to you a few days after Aries season with this installment of the stereotypes series, but Aries doesn’t care what you think, so neither do I.


Aries is another sign that I’m involuntarily familiar with. My dad, my brother, my sister-in-law, and my dear college friend are all Aries. And of course my sorry ass is an Aries rising.

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is symbolized by the ram and is ruled by the planet Mars. It’s the most potent astrological concentration of masculine energy for this reason. While they aren’t one to sit idly by and let everyone else explain who they are, they still fall victim to the perpetuation of some stereotypes. People say that they’re angry, impulsive lunatics, alarmingly competitive, and egotistical pricks.

Nobody fucketh with me with these chiseled calves

Again, Aries doesn’t give a shit what you think, even if you think they’re a bit unstable, and they really don’t need me to fight their battles for them, but I’m going to be the peacekeeper anyway today.

Me, Myself, and Also Me

Do you know what happens when you’re born under the first sign of the zodiac? You’re going to put yourself first. Unlike the sign of Leo in which the sun is appreciating how all the other planets (and people) revolve around it, in Aries, the sun is on a mission to define itself for itself, not considering what the peanut gallery has to say. There’s rawness in Aries, because at the start of a new astrological cycle we haven’t had a chance to be jaded by experiences or expectations of the rest of the signs yet, so Aries similarly approaches their self-identity in this raw and unfiltered way, not necessarily thinking about the implications. Thus to the observer, they can sometimes come across as a bit selfish and a lot impulsive.

This desire to live according to your own rules is not inherently bad. In fact, we can all learn from Aries and their amazing ability to filter out other people’s BS and expectations. They trust themselves first and are able to take action quickly without overthinking themselves into oblivion. How cool is that?

However, I think Aries would especially benefit from the trick I talked about in THIS YouTube video of approaching your self-development from the perspective of your opposite sign. In Aries’ case, Libra is their opposite sign and is obsessed with balance and taking other people’s opinions into consideration. While Aries should never give up their gift of self-trust, learning that other people exist with feelings too would benefit them in the long run.

Calm down, pls

Mars is the Roman god of war. We’ve come to understand Mars as essential masculine energy: strength, especially physical; fire; projecting, as opposed to receptive; warrior-like. We enjoy Aries season at the beginning of spring, when everyone is so over the cold winter that we’re all bursting out of the doors like wild-eyed fireballs ready to get outside. That’s a lot of energy to contend with, and Aries has all of it coursing through them on the daily.

This can manifest differently, depending on the Aries. It could be a lot of physical energy and never sitting down, they could have a quick fiery tongue, or they could throw that energy into a specific passion or project. This kind of explosiveness can be startling. I happen to love it though, and always enjoy chats with my one Aries friend who has absolutely no filter when it comes to sharing her thoughts.

Like I talked about before, Aries possesses that fresh first-sign energy, and they’re ready to go for it, whatever it is. However, Aries can tend to burn out if they don’t learn to pace themselves and channel their passion into something that really matters and continues to inspire them.

All I do is win

Taking your moral and political opinions about war out of the equation, from a purely pragmatic view, the whole point of going to war is to win. You want to be #1 while the other guy is #2. Consequently the warrior god is out to win, take home the gold, and be #1, as he knows he should be according to his rank on the zodiac wheel. Mars influences Aries to approach life like a warrior, entering battle to defend what they believe is right, and to come out as the winner, and the Aries can often take this almost too seriously. My Aries dad thinks driving down the road is a competition and he always has to be in front, meanwhile his passengers are ashen from the ride. But he also is a dedicated businessman and committed to providing the very best, most innovative, highest quality products in his business.

When your soul is driven to wanting to win and be the best, you’re motivated to improve yourself and your abilities in order to execute the win. When you do win, it’s not only proving to your competitors that you’re better, but it also proves to yourself that you can do it and you’ve accomplished your goals. Isn’t that an endeavor all of us should seek to undertake once in a while?

In conclusion

Even though it can feel like sticking your finger on the stove, Aries energy is damn blessing. We need its uncensored, self-assured, fight-for-it energy in our lives. Aries challenges us to think for ourselves, try something new and wild, and push our limits.

So where does Aries fall in your chart? Where do you think you should inject some untamed Mars energy into your life?

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