Astrology Information Overload

I am living proof of why the sign of Aquarius rules the nervous system. With very strong Aquarius in my chart, I am hella neurotic. My body is an actual beehive for the swarm of anxious nerves constantly buzzing around in it.

However, you don’t have to be a nervous basket case like me to be completely overwhelmed by the amount of information and mental olympics seemingly required to understand astrology. Whether you’re an astrology newbie or have been studying for a while, sometimes trying to constantly make sense of so many layers of energies becomes an impossible and stressful task, especially if they’re especially challenging transits and your life is equally as challenging.

The Pluto and Saturn conjunction and general Capricorn fuckery that’s been going on has taken me for a ride lately, on top of everything that’s come along with my progressed new moon last year: becoming a mom, re-thinking my business and “professional” life, and also re-thinking my entire life. Casual stuff.

Frantically trying to make sense of the cacophony of cosmic influences in my life was driving me batty and it became a thing where you overthink something so much that it loses all meaning.

So I decided I need to re-integrate gently and kindly, thus making me understand and appreciate each of the astrological influences even more, thus thus making me an even better astrologer.

I bought THIS amazing astrological planner. In addition to the inclusion of a beautiful reference guide and intention-setting practices on an annual, monthly, and weekly basis, each day of this planner tells you where the moon is, along with the transits of the day. The reference guide at the beginning of the planner encourages newbies to start by just paying attention to the moon if all the other planets don’t make sense to them. So while I do know what the other symbols mean and what the significance is, I’ve been enjoying taking a more generalized approach by starting each day with appreciating the moon’s status, then funneling everything else through that.

(moody pic of my altar space with my snazzy planner)

We’re only 15 days into 2020, but I’ve really enjoyed integrating the planner into my daily spiritual practice in the morning.

Like yesterday, I went on an organization frenzy in my house, and the moon was in the zodiac’s stereotypical neat freak sign, Virgo.

And the day before, Vince and I went and bought a snazzy piece of technology called an air humidifier, because our sinuses have been ablaze with misery lately from the gross heater air in the house (winter sucks). The moon was aspecting the technological genius planet, Uranus, that day.

Sure, I know that a lot of the planets are bunched up in Capricorn right now and everything feels heavy af, that Venus just swam into Pisces and I’m needing more musical stimulation lately, etc., but instead of trying to pick apart my experience too much, I’m just listening to the song. I’m not going nuts trying to carve out PRECISELY what in my day is a result of each individual transit.

When we first start learning about astrology, we do learn about pieces by themselves, but truly understanding and living astrology is appreciating the musical combination of each cosmic instrument. Saturn and Pluto’s meetup is the deep cello in the background, Venus is the flute at the front of the song, and (obviously) Mercury is the lyrics. They all come together to make the song, and before you go off the deep end not the music theory of the song, you have to just listen to the melody first.

So take this little personal anecdote as a challenge to start from the very beginning, which, as it happens, is a very good place to start. Take the intense analysis out of it and just feel it for a sec.

This post is so ripe with music analogies that it’s past its expiration date. Bye and peace and light to you!