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BELIEF STRUCTURES | Astro Bulletin September 2–8

Happy Monday! We’re starting a new week with a new moon cycle after the new moon on Friday. Is anyone else feeling the fresh energy and possibilities? Feeling motivated to clean up your world and make it more beautifully livable?

Our beliefs are being challenged this week: what we think about how God works, how the world works, and how we work within the world. All those layers. With the personal planets still tracking through Virgo, they’re all going to start making oppositions to Neptune in Pisces and squares to Jupiter in Sagittarius. Both Neptune and Jupiter are in strong positions here, being in their home signs, so their influence won’t go unnoticed. This week Venus will lead the way, followed by Mercury, the sun, and Mars. We’re being guided by what we want on a more physical level, but what are the spiritual beliefs behind that desire? Or are your beliefs even in alignment with your humanly desires?

Are you passing judgment on yourself for wanting life to look a certain way because that just doesn’t seem…SOMETHING enough? Spiritual enough, minimalist enough, charitable enough, etc. etc. Is there a way to find spirituality in the mundane and see that there’s a reason that you’re really hankering for that way of living? Neptune and Jupiter are posing these challenging questions to us throughout the next couple weeks. And it really might feel like we’re being consumed by this confusion, because all the personal planets (except for the moon) are being put in the hot seat. The moon herself is flowing through Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and into Capricorn this week. We want to feel emotionally balanced, true to our core selves, and just plain happy, but we need to face these tough questions first. We need to honor our humanity and physical world and remember that we don’t need to be some new age activist for the dismissal of all human desires. Instead, we can allow ourselves stillness to dig through the questions and existential mayhem and come to the very core of what we know is true about our place in the world as souls and physical beings. We can line up each area of our life to that soul identity.

Let’s square up to these challenges. They’re helping us to find discernment and see what needs to be dismissed and what we should allow ourselves to make more room for. We’re being drawn closer to the divine by seeing how it is present in everything, not just in a prayer.

Card Pull

What is the challenge? | What should we do about it? We may receive unexpected or surprising challenges to our beliefs and worldviews this week. Where we think we have it figured out might be the area that something comes up saying, "Great, but what about this?" Face the questions in earnest and be willing to learn as you try to answer them. The four of wands is telling us we should find partnership and stability in the face of all the questions and confusion. You could find yourself relying on someone in your life that you can trust to listen to your concerns. We can all put our reliance on the divine to be our partner through life, giving us inner conflict in order to grow and become better, and bringing us light and fulfillment.

Energy Rx

Carry an amethyst crystal with you this week and pull it out often. A crystal is a physical object, but the vibration of amethyst can help you connect to the divine. Use your rock this week with the intention of bringing divinity into moments in your daily life.

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