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Capricorn Stereotypes

While Gemini is my favorite sign, I personally vibe the most with Capricorn and Aquarius, so I’ve been looking forward to adding this post to my series on sign stereotypes. It’s your turn, you filthy goats!

The most perpetuated stereotype for Capricorn is that they’re manic workaholics. Forget about anything else, Cap wants to work and then work some more. Next, opposite of their Sagittarius neighbors, they known to be serious AF. Resting bitch face to the max, if you will.

These are the two bigguns and require ample explanation (justification).

Capricorn is the number 10 sign of the zodiac and is usually depicted as the top dude on the chart. The sign is represented by the goat and is ruled by the realest SOB planet in the solar system, Saturn. Saturn also is the historical ruler of Aquarius, so some of these traits might sound familiar if you’re that sign. Capricorn is also a cardinal earth sign.


While all the signs have a unique soul motivation, I would argue that the cardinal signs are the most obvious in their motivation because of the quick and directed energy that comes with being a cardinal (not a Cardinal. Though I am an Aries ascendant, so I guess I am both cardinal and Cardinal). Capricorn is motivated and takes action from a place of earth— physical, material success, and the kind of notoriety that is purely human. They are driven to be the best at whatever they do. They don’t stop working because their very soul is dependent on it. They thrive at the challenge of reaching the top of the mountain, like their symbol the goat.

While Capricorn is often associated with traditionalism, this tendency to work doesn’t just apply to climbing the corporate ladder. This could manifest as a strong devotion to any endeavor that the native views as their life purpose. At the risk of being accused of enforcing the gender dichotomy, Mrs. Capricorn might go all beast mode to be the best homeroom mom at the school.

Why so serious?

There’s a weight that is associated with Capricorn—not only do they feel the pressure of excelling and being the best in their field, but their ruler, Saturn, is a planet that represents responsibility, structure, karma, time, and other very heavy topics. So all that is bearing down on poor Cap as they’re trying to get to the top of the mountain.

Because of the seriousness with which they approach their mission, they get the reputation for being too damn serious just in general. It’s not that they’re totally miserable or void of the ability to enjoy life, it’s just that the weight that they’re bearing colors their experience with more stoicism than other signs. Their pursuit for greatness has made the machines of efficiency, and they’re not interested in wasting precious time and energy on the slices of life that don’t have a good payout.

It also gives them the most deliciously sarcastic and deadpan sense of humor, which is just one of the reasons we should all give Capricorn a round of applause.

See, while life is meant to include beauty, joy, and a little bit of reckless adventure, as Capricorn reminds us, it is also meant to be a journey of self-improvement, which often requires discipline. When we stay focused on our goal and give it our energy and effort, we not only are closer to attaining the goal, but we become better humans (and better souls) in the process. And that’s the real purpose of life, I think.

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