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CHOICES & BLESSINGS | Astro Bulletin July 29–August 4

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Happy Monday, my friends! July is almost over, and I simply can’t believe it. I mean, on a personal note, I’ve lost all recognition of time and place at this point, seeing as my baby has been experiencing the growth spurt from sleep deprivation and crankiness hell the past few days. Obviously we’re in the sign of Leo right now, and since that is the opposite sign of my sun, moon, and Venus, to say I’ve felt stretched across the cosmos is an understatement. Everyone’s talking about how fabulous Leo is these days, so I’m here to give a nod to my fellow Aquarians who feel like Stretch Armstrong at the moment. I see ya’ll <3

This week is giving us the gift of insight into future possibilities as well as some awesome luck and blessings. There is hella Leo and Cancer energy continuing this week, plus some business with Uranus and Jupiter AND a new moon. The conversation between the sun and Uranus that we’ve been hearing lately is peaking out today. You know, where the sun is like “I just want to live my best life right now, and I deserve diamond-encrusted x, y, and z.” Then Uranus is like “But how are you actually working to manifest diamond-encrusted x, y, and z? And do you even deserve the diamonds? Maybe all you’re going to get in life is cubic zirconia, because you don’t know how to believe in yourself and your worth.” Plus the whole Mercury being in retrograde thing, wrecking havoc on our emotions on top of it all. What a flippin’ mess.

Thankfully, things are looking up, but only after a few more slaps in the face with a fish. The sun-Uranus situation will reach its culmination, and the moon re-enters Cancer where our emotions will pick back up and over the next couple days she’ll slide over these other planets and points that are building the momentum again of really trying to find our worth deep down within ourselves and this feeling of “If I don’t decide now what I deserve and start embodying that confidence, I’m never going to make it.” That kind of pressure is stressful af, but it’s the Universe giving you a choice of which way you want to go. It’s a simple directive, though not as easy to actually do: Decide that you deserve the best, you deserve joy, and you’re going to have it now. No ifs, ands, or buts. And honestly, you don’t even need to know exactly what you’re going to do to get it. Once you decide it’s yours, the Universe and God will help by sending you instructions.

Wednesday night’s Leo new moon fascinates me, because it’s not only when the teacher of life is finally calling your name during attendance, waiting for you to say “yes, I’m here!”… but it’s also literally less than an hour before Mercury goes DIRECT and our life will start moving that way as well. The conversation with Uranus is not over, so this NEW moon is really a chance to start aNEW (lol) in terms of living your life from a place of worth and deservedness. We have an opportunity to heal our wounds here too, as Chiron is involved in the circle. Even if you aren’t the new moon ritual type, how can you make a conscious choice this week to live from that new place? How can you choose to fully EMBODY the sun, its brightness, warmth, brilliance, and the fact that it’s the center of everything? It’s time for YOU to be the center of everything in your life.

The end of the week brings us some positive energy from the Universe to help start growing that intention that we set off on the new moon. The sun, Mars, and Jupiter are doing some cool stuff together that will stir up optimism, power, and drive. Mars and Juno are doing some cool stuff that shows us what love and commitment are—maybe in your life you’re needing that from a partner, but maybe you’re needing it from the divine. Venus and the Sun are doing even more cool stuff, bringing pure enjoyment into our experiences and letting us see what the good life looks like. All of this is a boost to help drive us along our new path of worth, deservedness, and joy NOW. So keep on walking!

Card Pull

Eight of Swords. Don’t be blinded to all the help and guidance that surrounds you. See how this woman is all tied up (blinded) and taking tiny baby steps to get out of whatever weird-ass swamp she’s in? There are swords all over the place that she could gently slide up on to release the ties around her body and pull the blindfold off. There are blessings in your life now, and the Universe is not going to forsake you. Also, because the suit of swords represents air and our minds, consider where you’ve been blinding yourself with your negative thought patterns and beliefs about where your life is doomed to end up. We are being guided to finally eliminate the self-doubt and replace it with—you guessed it—worth, deservedness, and joy. And the tools to do that are here right now.

Energy Rx

I got a fun little ritual for you this week, just be mindful of fire hazards. Write on a piece of paper the feelings and thoughts that are holding you back. All the negative beliefs about I can’t, I don’t deserve, I’m too this, I’m too that, etc. Get specific and even feel the crappy emotions as you scribble it down. Then light that shit on fire and watch it burn, intending for it all to be released and leave your energetic body. Again, don’t like light it up at a gas station or something. Do it outside or in a safe place with a safe container to put the burning paper in. This should feel AWESOME and will coincide perfectly with our new moon. Open up that space to start receiving the blessings!

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