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Cancer Stereotypes

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

I’ve already written about the significance of the sign of Cancer, why its irony of being ruled by the Moon yet occurring when the nights are the shortest makes sense, and how we can work with the energy. To read more about all that stuff, go see THIS blog.

So with that info in mind, in this article I’m going to come to the defense of our little crabs. Why is it that Cancers get the reputation for being blubbering, reclusive weirdos? These are the two stereotypes that we see most often of our summer-born friends: They’re emotionally incontinent and they want to hide out in their house from everybody and everything.

The simple answer to the whole crying, crazy emotional thing is that the sign of Cancer is ruled by the moon, and the moon is the celestial body that governs our emotions. So when someone is born with their sun in this space, it’s going to illuminate that emotional energy and make it an important part of that person’s public persona. Of course they’re going to be more open and have a natural inclination to broadcast how they feel more than other people whose sun signs have a different goal in mind for them.

However, as I talked about in my other article, we can go beyond just the simple lunar rulership in understanding Cancer. The moon is in the dark, representing things that occur deeper down within ourselves (like our emotions, for instance). The sun is in the daylight, illuminating us. It is also the center of the solar system, which the rest of the planets are revolving around. The interplay between Cancer being moon ruled and the sun being there is representative of this big ball of light shining into those deep crevices of ourselves and making those things the center of attention. For Cancer people, part of their soul mission is to illuminate those things. So it’s not just that they are whiny and emo—it’s that they have a fantastic ability to bring out things that the rest of us may not want anyone to know about, that we tend to hide away more.

This is also why a lot of Cancer types have a strong intuition and spiritual connection. In addition to the light bulb being bright on their own hidden stuff, they can see and understand the hidden stuff of other people and situations. Isn’t that cool?

The second thing that gets tossed around for Cancers is that they all want to retreat and hide from everyone. Well, the crab imagery is pretty self-explanatory of this one, with the shell and all that. But consider the connection between the emotional depth of this sign and the image of the crab’s shell. In both of these representations of Cancer, the consciousness is on something that is unseen, be that the darkness of night when the moon comes out and our emotions are in their native state or the safety of a little portable home. Cancer is going to be more comfortable in their own space with their feelings than out in the hustle and bustle of everyone else’s drama, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they want to literally be in their house at all times. It’s an energetic retreat that these people tend towards—they want to feel safe and surrounded by what they really know well and what makes sense to them on that deeper level.

I know one Cancer who is quite the social butterfly, but she has a natural ability to connect with people in such a deep way that they feel they really know each other. I know another who has devoted her professional life to social work and striving to make children feel safe and secure. As with any of the signs, the manifested energy can be different for each person, depending on what else is going on in their chart and how they’ve personally worked with the natural skills—and challenges—that their chart reveals for them.

So be nice to little old Cancer. They’re picking up a lot more of what we’re all putting down than we might think. And besides, we should all learn to be more in touch with our own emotions sometimes, right?

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