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Gemini Stereotypes

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Look at any Cosmo-esque description of the zodiac signs and often the section for Gemini says something along the lines of “split personality” or maybe even “bipolar” if the publication isn’t up to snuff on the current PC rules governing mental health disorders.

Check out one of the many astrology meme accounts on Instagram and you’ll see plenty of memes and people in the comment section declaring that Geminis are all a bunch of shady liars (especially Gemini men, poor things). To be transparent, I definitely enjoy some of those meme accounts and most of them seem to drag and shit talk all 12 signs equally, but I’m speaking specifically to the insults I routinely see about our poor Gemini friends.

So what’s the deal? Are all Gemini types shifty liars with commitment problems and dissociative personality disorder?

As someone who isn’t afraid to admit that Gemini is my favorite sign of the zodiac, I’m ready to step up to the defense and present my case against these wild allegations and give you the real story about the twins. Like a lawyer, I'm only presenting facts that help my case in this blog, even though I am fully aware that Gemini has their shortcomings, like every sign. But today they're only getting love from me.

Let’s start with astrology 101. Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, with its Sun cycle occurring from May 21stthrough June 20th, is governed by the planet Mercury, and rules the arms, hands, and nervous system. It’s the mutable air sign. Its glyph looks like a Roman numeral II and its symbol is the twins.

We can use all of this basic information to understand the true nature of this fabulous sign.

Being near the beginning of the zodiac means there’s going to be more of a youthful quality to this sign. That’s not to say that everyone born under the first six signs is childish and everyone in the latter six is more mature—we’re simply dissecting the energetic archetype here. The youthfulness of Gemini manifests as a desire to ask questions, learn as much information as possible, and show and tell that information. How many little kids does that remind you of? Mercury as a planet rules our communication and daily mental processes. This is what we learn to do in Gemini: think, think some more, and share it with others. That’s where the chattiness stereotype comes from, and it's 100% true.

It’s a very busy energy, because our minds are busy places, especially when we’re asking questions and trying to process information. This segues into the mutable nature of Gemini, meaning an ability to change and adapt to situations. Nobody is going to learn something new if they don’t have the ability to be flexible and open to that learning; in order for Gemini to get answers to his questions, he has to possess that changeable energy. Here’s where we get to the accusation that Gemini has multiple personalities. The truth is that Gemini doesn’t have different faces that he keeps in jars by his door and picks one when he leaves in the morning (“Eleanor Rigby” reference courtesy of one of the greatest Geminis of all time, Paul McCartney). It’s that he is so changeable, his energy is moving so quickly, that he simply is adapting to situations as he tries to understand them himself. He’s taking in so many details all at once and is working process them.

My husband is not only a Gemini, but is also a Virgo ascendant, the other Mercury-ruled sign. His brain moves about a hundred times faster than anyone else’s, observing and processing details. He was one of those jerks in school who didn’t need to study for a test because they just had to look at the page once and knew it all. Grrr. Sometimes it frustrates him when other people aren’t as quick to get with what’s going on. Case in point: When I keep asking questions in a movie because I’m lost as to what’s going on and he has the entire plot already figured out.

He also has high blood pressure and is always waving his hands around, which is partly his Gemini thing and partly his Italian thing.

Because Gemini has so much they want to learn and talk about, they don’t want anything to do with people who try to box them in, hence the accusation that they are non-committal liars. It would be like going outside on a very windy day and trying to put a bunch of feathers in a box. They’d be flying all over the place. You’d grab one and get it in, then when you go to put another one in, the first one is blown out of the box. The Gemini person cannot feel like their desire to intellectually explore and learn is being stifled in any way. They need freedom to move around. Furthermore, they are air signs, which means immediate heavy emotional stuff is not comfortable for them, and they frankly won’t know how to process it. They need to connect to people with their minds first before anything else, and that mental connection needs to remain stimulating for them and their inquisitive nature. So if there’s none of it, then of course they’re not going to want to stick around, because they’ll be bored out of their busy minds.

And as for the whole liar thing, because our Gemini friends are so quick, their cleverness and wit often outpaces everyone else, and they can’t help but tease us. My husband was reading a general description of Geminis the other night and it said flat-out, “Don’t try to win a debate against a Gemini.” He immediately flashed me a satisfied smirk, all puffy-chested. I conceded, despite my stubborn fixed nature, not because I’m enamored with him particularly (though obviously I am since I married him), but because I’m enamored with that Gemini magic in general. It’s sharp, mischievous, and brilliant, and if we just give them some time in the playroom to explore and exercise their minds, then we could all learn something from their bright and shiny acuity.

2014, about a month into the unrelenting conversation with my Gemini

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