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Leo Stereotypes

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Okay. I feel a special kind of way about Leos. It’s a complicated relationship I have with these folks, because Leo is my opposing sign, being that I am an Aquarius. It’s a mixture of envy, bewilderment, and multiple frenzied trips to the hair product aisle of Ulta.

See how I’m overcompensating by trying to make this blog post about me? Well, I ain’t got nothing on those Leos with one little paragraph.

There are a couple main stereotypes that we see repeated about our lion friends. One is that they’re completely self-involved. Another is that they’re drama queens and kings. So is any of it true?

First, any of the signs can be a narcissist—this isn’t restricted to Leos only. However, they certainly get the reputation of being self-obsessed, a lot of the time by people who have a much more fragile confidence than they do. Just calling it like I see it.

The sign of Leo is ruled by the sun. Yes, that’s right—the big ball of fire and glory that is the literal center of the solar system and astrological universe. The power of the sun is greater than any other planet. All the other planets revolve around the sun. So you can understand why someone with strong Leo energy is going to really embody that vibrance of the sun. They have a tremendous presence that’s so great that you can’t even look at it directly, hence some people are hella put off by it.

I’m going to get in trouble for this by the PC police, but Donald Trump is a Leo rising. Talk about something ablaze that some people don’t like.

The Leo feels an assignment within their soul to strive to this solar energy. They feel called to stand out and shine brightly on everyone around them. They feel called to be a beacon, guiding others into orbit. So it’s not simply that they think they’re BETTER than people, it’s that they feel a responsibility to be that powerful, bright, and warm force in an authentic way that comes from their heart.

With that much sunlight that one can’t look at without some Ray-Bans, it’s no wonder that Leo possesses some dramatic flair (perhaps a…solar flare? hehehe). When we consider the grandeur of the sun, then we can understand how there’s going to be grandeur to the Leo energy. Sagittarius has a similar feel to them, being ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet. But still, the sun is enormous even compared to Jupiter. So poor Leo gets called dramatic and over the top.

Think about a dramatic stage production. Everything is magnified and made larger than it really is: Actors wear more makeup, they talk in a higher tone, and their movements on stage are exaggerated, all so those in the audience can see and watch the story. The magnificence and size of the sun gives enormity to the Leo that sets them apart from the rest of the zodiac. So again, it’s not that they’re being dramatic for the sake of being dramatic, it’s that they’re being driven by this brilliant, large energy propelling them onto their own stage without holding anything back, making sure everyone can see and witness their story. The sun is our life force here on earth, and they are all about embodying that life force. And we ALL need them to—the world would be much less fabulous without Leo bringing the sun to all of us.

We all can and SHOULD learn something from Leo: How to be vibrantly and unapologetically ourselves. How to shine brightly, letting our authentic selves send everything else in our life into orbit, all rotating around that true self. How to embody our own grandeur and share it with the world. It’s a tall order, one that we’re all continuously working towards throughout our lives. Look at your own sun in your chart, and no matter what sign it’s in, ask how you can be a Leo in how you express it!

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