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FINAL RELEASE | Astro Bulletin March 18–24

Happy final days of Pisces month, my friends. As we experience the last three days in the woo-woo lagoon, we also experience the last three degrees of Mercury retrograde before that madness finally starts going forward again. The number three is a spiritual number, so if we borrow some wisdom from the study of numerology, we can be encouraged that the divine truly is guiding us through these difficult challenges, and if we allow it, we can learn, grow, and become better equipped to create our dream life.

The theme of endings will be prevalent here at the beginning of the week as we are given opportunity to say our final goodbyes to the things that we no longer need in our life, opening up space for the promise of spring and cool new stuff. This is the last call—it’s time to release and also surrender to the unknown of what exactly is going to swoop in to replace the things that you just don’t need anymore. Spiritual spring cleaning is a must here.

Spring officially is here on Wednesday, which means the end of one cycle and official start of a new one with fiery, passionate, I-am-who-tf-I-am Aries season. And what better way to welcome this big blast of energy than with a Full Moon?

Let me just talk about this Full Moon for a sec, because there are some things going on. First of all, the Moon will be in the sign of Libra, of course, which is very centered on relationships with others. Given that we’ve been doing so much introspective work lately that’s been all about us and our own faith and releasing what we deem we no longer want, the thought that suddenly we need to worry about other people and their needs might come as a shock. There’s a chance that these “others” might make you feel inadequate or insecure about your own individual progress, or that you need to park your own interests to make room for theirs. Uranus’s part in this play may add some shock value too, coming from unexpected places.

The lesson to be learned from all this is that we are not isolated in our struggles, but instead if we allow it, we can find some balance and smoothing of the wrinkles through our partnerships and closest relationships (doesn’t just have to be a romantic partner). Nobodyreally has it all figured out, and the endless game of comparison that we all participate in that makes us just feel crappy about ourselves needs to stop. Seek wisdom, perspective, and support from those you can count on and don’t be afraid to hold onto it as you continue to lean into this growth that’s being asked of you.

Honestly, the rest of the week might feel a little weird. Mercury is slowing down, which means he won’t be plowing through your entire life showing you all the places where you need to release and find some faith. Instead he’ll be narrowing in on the most significant area, the place that you need to heal the most before you can move forward. Simultaneously, the Sun’s movement over Chiron is going to join in Mercury’s mission to reveal and heal your problem areas and be like, “Hey, you need to put some freakin’ Neosporin and a Band-Aid on this.” Not to be graphic, but continuous picking and irritating of the wound just makes it worse and gross, and your wonderful human body already has the natural ability to heal and grow new skin—you just need to let it. Sometimes it hurts to put the Neosporin on, but it’s only going to help in the long run. Well, unless you ask my tough-guy husband, who refuses to ever allow me to Neosporin his cuts. Eyeroll.

We are being gifted with the promise of Spring and fresh blooms with Aries, but we all need to get over the hump that shiny new things won’t be delivered to us until we actually do clear out and heal, which requires owning up to what needs to be cleared and healed. It takes some effort and temporary discomfort to slather on the antiseptic, and if the wound is in a weird place, sometimes it takes the vulnerability and trust to allow someone else to do it for us. Trusting in the divine, the Universe, and the people that are sent to us from those entities requires A LOT of trust and vulnerability. But we can look to Aries’ ruler, the warrior Mars, to discover that it is an act of bravery and strength to allow ourselves into that place of trust and vulnerability.

Card Pull

You can’t cheat the Universe. Trying to gather up all the things you want without doing the internal work first to truly align with them is going to result in you dropping them all over the place eventually. You’ll be constantly looking over your shoulder, waiting for something to come in and snatch them from you, because deep down you just think you don’t deserve them.

We all need to be patient to address ourselves and our issues of worthiness and self-image first, and in doing so, get our faith in order that the goals we have and the things we’re trying to draw to us aremeant for us.

Energy Rx

It’s final call this week—but instead of getting your last drink (even though it is Pisces), it’s time to release that thing/energy that you know is causing problems or holding you back. SMOKY QUARTZ is a really wonderful stone for clearing gunky energy.  Sit with this crystal this week and meditate on the idea of clearing.  Ask for help in letting go and allow that space to open up for new possibilities.

Pretty picture c/o Energy Muse

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