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FIND YOUR POWER | Astro Bulletin September 9–15

How do you identify with your surroundings? Sure, you are present in your surroundings, your daily life. You can see things, your body can walk from place to place, etc. But aside from the physicality of it, how does it align with what you actually believe life is all about?

The planets are playing in the earth signs this week as well as speaking to Neptune and Jupiter. We also have a Pisces full moon. The theme of alignment between the physical life and the spiritual life continues, though the pressure is higher this week with that full moon as well as intense Pluto getting involved and Venus and Mercury pressing up against the last degrees of Virgo together. We’re going to be thinking a lot about what’s most important to us.

So start now. Where are you just going through the motions? What signs and messages have you been ignoring about how what you’re doing just isn’t true to your soul’s desires? And beyond that, how can you tap into new reserves of power to change how you live your life in the now? Pluto’s trine to the sun does give you access to transformative power, but in a way that you might not notice right away. Be intentional this week about changing your life in the immediate instead of focusing too much on future outcomes.

There are some big things happening on the full moon on Friday night. We already have the spirituality/physicality alignment theme that I’ve talked about. We also have an exact opposition between Mars and Neptune which is bringing up this idea of how the observable world and the specific actions that we’re taking within it are our manifestation of the limitless possibilities of the divinity of the Universe—how we create our own limits through what we believe and how we identify ourselves. This aspect can help us funnel the magic of God that we see as formless and vast into our life in the formed and specific ways that we want, if we’re able to state what that might be in a way that still leaves it open to divine interpretation and exceeding of expectations.

In addition, Venus and Mercury are making their exact conjunction at 29° of Virgo on this full moon. Values, love, and the beautiful possibilities of life are on the mind and we’re trying so much to figure out how to manifest them. Mercury is strong here, and this aspect could help us see how all that Venusian stuff is already present if we acknowledge it. Beauty isn’t just a huge Renaissance painting. It’s also the way you walk to the kitchen in the morning to pour your coffee and how you button your shirt. It’s an act of beauty to eat a delicious and nourishing meal and go for a walk in the sunshine.

By the weekend, Mercury and Venus will enter Libra. In Mercury’s case, he’s leaving his home sign of Virgo and entering an air zone, so our minds are going to start working harder again. Venus is at home in Libra, so the desire to seek that beauty and balance will start to become a guiding light for us all.

This week my advice is to mindfully channel your own power and be willing to create the changes in your life that you know will bring you into greater alignment with divinity. Be willing to admit that you don’t know precisely how it will all work out, but approach the task earnestly and honestly and be ready to learn as you go.

Card Pull

Where might we find our power? How should we use it? The answer to this first question comes from the Queen of Wands. Our power is our authentic selves. When we listen to who we truly are and where our light comes from, we can use that radiance as a piece of divine light telling us what’s left and what’s right, what is for us and what is not for us. We sit on our own powerful throne by remembering who we came here to be. To answer the second question, we can use our power through the act of discernment. We can consider what’s being offered to us, but we don’t always have to take it. There are limitless options of how to live, and it’s so not necessary to just do something because someone else said you should. Think about it first, and then ask if your most radiant and royal self would want it.

Energy Rx

Smoky Quartz. Carry this crystal with you this week with the intention of allowing it to reveal what needs to be cleared out and transmuted from your life. Then put a plan into motion to do it.

Image c/o Energy Muse

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