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FINDING CONFIDENCE | Astro Bulletin June 24–June 30

I’m back! So sorry I missed the bulletin last week, but I promise it was for a good reason…

My little Gemini prince was born on June 10th. He’s precious and adorable so very soft! For anyone who’s wondering, his Gemini sun is in the 8thhouse, his moon is in Virgo, and he’s a Scorpio ascendant. He’s got a big dose of Mercurial energy (and dimples) just like his dad and a big dose of fixed energy just like his mom. This should be fun!

In my absence, the sun has transitioned into Cancer and the official start to the summer season is here. Cancer asks us to initiate something new and approach it from a new direction that is more in tune with our intuition and divine path. The crab also wants us to bring to the light all the weirdness that we normally keep in our shell, fully embracing it and ourselves as a whole wonderful being.

We’re starting our week by finishing out yet another T-square with Jupiter and Neptune, this time with Venus in aspect. If you’ll remember, we’ve been experiencing this configuration for about three weeks now, first with Mercury and our busy thoughts, then the sun and our desire to shine our brightest and most authentic selves, and now we’re wrapping up Venus and our true desires and values. What does that progression mean in your life? What has been happening recently that you’ve observed a progression of thinking to recognition of what matters most?

Tuesday might feel weird for us, thanks to the moon activating the square between the sun and Chiron. This aspect poses a conflict of self-worth that nobody is asking for, but we’re getting anyway. Do you feel you truly deserve what you are craving deep down inside? When you look in the mirror, do you SEE yourself as the person who can achieve it? And are you more comfortable being insecure and just settling instead of going for it? We’re going to be grappling with this conflict the rest of the week. To overcome it, work to view yourself in a divine light. Your flaws, past experiences, and achievements are part of the complete package that was uniquely created, and you are more than capable of overcoming the challenges and being your very best, most awesome self.

On Thursday there are some interesting things going on with Uranus. The aspect between the sun and Chiron that I just talked about is exact on this day, and the moon is also going to be activating the aspect with Uranus. What all this says to me is that, sure, we may be feeling uneasy about our own role in creating our lives, but if we push through, we have the opportunity to take a risk and create something unexpected yet amazing. These guys are also all hanging out at 5° of their respective signs. The fifth card of the tarot is the Heirophant—a very important and authority-type dude who knows spiritual and religious truth and is proclaiming it to the people. It’s time for you to be your own Heirophant and decide what you know to be true in terms of the divine’s intention for your life, your intuitive connection to that intention and path, and proclaim it not only to the people, but also to yourself. Speak it into existence with real meaning.

Not by chance, on this day Mercury also changes signs into Leo, who absolutely desires to live his best life according to what he know to be true and not according to anyone else’s opinions. Over the next few weeks we’ll be doing a lot of thinking about these themes as well as figuring out how to implement them in our daily lives. Keep in mind too that Mercury is actually in shadow now, meaning he’s jogging through the same space that he’s going to retrograde over soon, which means this stuff is going to continue to come up times three until we finally resolve it. Don’t lose your confidence. And when you feel it shaking, take the opportunity to dive into the real reason that you feel crap about yourself and give yourself permission to finally heal it.

This weekend the sun/Chiron aspect will start to wear off. We might feel the impulse to do some self-care by surrounding ourselves with some cool people who we feel like we can really call friends and supporters. We want to go out and define ourselves on our own terms, but we need a final little boost of comfort from those familiar to us and to see ourselves the way they see us. Take advantage of any opportunities to do so, because we can’t always rely on others for this validation—we have to be able to offer ourselves that validation.

Energy Rx

Do this experiment. Set aside some time when you can be alone. Go into the bathroom and look in the mirror at yourself for several minutes or however long you can stand it. Continue to look AT and THROUGH yourself. See what emotions come up—and they probably will. You may laugh or cry or smile. Feel into whatever it is. Who are you? What have you been through? Where are you going? If you want, you can journal about the experience once you’re done.

Card Pull

So I pulled out the Heirophant because I talked about it up in my horoscope. I then asked the tarot for guidance on how we can embody the Heirophant and speak our divinely inspired truth and path into manifestation. The tarot responded with the three of cups reversed, advising us to not rely on what is comfortable and easily understandable by others, but rather to listen in to our own intuition and focus solely on that message. We are also encouraged to find a more narrow focus on our desire, rather than diluting our energy among multiple approaches out of fear that the one singular approach is just too weird and won’t lead anywhere. It will, and it might just lead somewhere even better than you expected.

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