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FIXATION ON THE FUTURE | Astro Bulletin July 8–July 14

So I’ll just start off by warning you all to watch your mouth today and the beginning of this week. Fiery Mars is meeting up with communicative Mercury (who is already in retrograde and thus not firing on all cylinders) in Leo right now, so try not to yell at your friends and loved ones. Channel that wild energy elsewhere—like internally as a roar of self-confidence, or externally as a declaration of your true creative passions.

The ability to declare yourself will come in handy this week, especially at the beginning, as sun joins the North Node, illuminating our future goals and where we really truly desire to go in our life. When we allow ourselves honesty and shed off the excuses and fears, we start to realize that the desire is all-consuming—it affects all the other areas of our lives and the actions we take daily, even when we’re trying to ignore its draw. What can you learn from this focus and honesty?

Another warning. Try not to internally combust on Wednesday with the intense fixed energy aspects we have going on. Emotions will run deep, we’ll be feeling that craving for a new life and new world, and our minds and words will still be in the fireplace. It’s a continuation of the week’s fixation on not only what we want, but how we are going to speak and declare it, Michael Scott style.

The angsty thoughts will start to wear off a little bit as the week continues, though the emotions will still be deep as we’re trying to figure out where this is coming from. By “this” I mean where did the desire come from? Why do we feel so pulled in certain directions? And are we not-so-secretly terrified of it?

We also will have to contend with our own dialogue this week of asking whether this passion and excitement that we’re feeling is going to direct us forward and help manifest a better life or if it’s simply something to enjoy for the moment. Mars and Uranus squaring off challenges us with that discernment to properly channel our own fire towards the bigger picture of the future instead of something that just satisfies a momentary craving. Despite my own long-term desire to shed some pregnancy pounds, I still feel very passionate about Golden Oreos and refuse to give them up entirely.

Moon through Sagittarius and over retrograde Jupiter this weekend is another opportunity to allow yourself the vulnerability to explore your image of the world and how you fit in it. It’s like those pictures you see that are made up of a lot of little pictures. We have to be open enough to look closer at those little pictures and how they might be different than what we expected by just looking at the big one. Discovering new things about your own reality can be jarring sometimes, which is why vulnerability and openness are important. Otherwise there’s no chance for growth…and isn’t that the whole point of this life thing?

Card Pull

This card looks scary, but it’s offering us some very sound advice. What are the negative things that you’re holding onto that are also holding you back? The stuff that’s been going on in Capricorn over the South Node has been bringing up some of this stuff lately, helping us to dismantle and release it. Continue to do so this week as you focus on the creation of your new life. Don’t spiral into shame and fear or think you’re going to hell or something, but use the truth of these attachments as valuable information to figure out why you are where you are and what you need to release to keep moving.

Energy Rx

Aquamarine (or amethyst in a pinch). With the theme of fixation this week, we could all use a drink of cool water to help us relax and go with the flow instead of becoming too obsessive compulsive (as a fixed sign person, this is my natural state). Grab your crystal and keep it close this week, giving it a pet often. Ask for guidance in wading through your feelings and taking the challenges one at a time, letting things fall naturally into a priority procession.

Image c/o Healing Crystals.

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