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From Bustle: Signs Who Should Take a Break from Social Media

I have a little blurb in THIS ARTICLE from Bustle about which signs would benefit most from taking a break from social media.

But to extrapolate, I firmly believe everyone needs to get off social media often, regardless of their zodiac sign.  The rehearsed nature of what we put on the internet can take away from authentically experiencing life and its beauty and lessons.  The different signs are going to be affected by social media in different ways, such as sensitive Pisces or distractible Gemini.  Other signs might even be more likely to actually want to stay away from it all together, like anti-establishment Aquarius or down-to-earth and realistic Virgo.  What unites all 12 signs is that we are all living on planet earth here, and we all have relationships and projects and real-life things that should always take precedence over the phone screen once that phone screen stops being a way of connecting and uniting and starts being an energy drain.

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