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GO FORWARD | Astro Bulletin March 25–March 31

Happy Monday, my friend! The biggest headline of this week, of course, is Mercury’s station on Neptune and upcoming direct motion. I know I’m feeling the effects of this one. May cause confusion, feelings of an unsure future, and an urge to surrender all you fears to a higher power. That last one is the best solution during this transit, and it’s the one that we are being taught to do.

It’s not easy, I know. Especially on Tuesday as the Moon makes a square to these two planets, we may feel compelled to just run away from all the problems and find solace in a new adventure.

Now, while I’ll always suggest a certain element of adventure in our lives and exploring what the world has to offer, in this case, we don’t want to resort to escapism out of fear that we can’t dig in to the challenge at hand. The stuff that’s come up lately is asking you to do some internal work to, with kindness towards yourself, release the stagnation from your life and believe in the possibility of the future. What we’re not being asked to do is leave everything as it is and go get wasted on a beach to just forget about it rather than addressing it. See the difference?

On Wednesday Venus changes signs from Aquarius to Pisces to join the Mercury/Neptune party going on there. She’ll make a nice aspect to the Moon as she does this too. The Sun will also be further away from Chiron, which has been adding to that unsure and insecure feeling, so we’ll get some relief on a couple fronts here. This movement also teaches us that there is beauty in the unknown and in the ability to give up control. Where in your life can you find that beauty? Where can you diffuse your expectations on what you think you must possess in order to be fulfilled and remember that real fulfillment is a feeling that you can cultivate regardless of external circumstances? Because of Mercury’s station, you might find yourself on this day focusing on that one area of your life that’s been up for revision lately through this Mercury transit. The stuff that you’ve been called to release to make room for something new, all along the way strengthening your faith that it is possible.

Thursday Mercury is finally going direct, so our lives will do the same. We’ve been having to literally backtrack lately, clean our stuff up, and now we can turn around and head forward. What a relief. We should feel much more grounded on this day and like we are starting to manifest the changes that have been asked of us. But as we start to take those steps forward, that feeling of unsteady footing might continue for the next couple weeks. At least we’re taking steps forward though, right? We’ve already been through the toughest part of this transit though, so just keep your arms out for balance and keep moving.

At the end of the week, Mars is going to finish up his transit through Taurus, which he’s thrilled about, because he doesn’t like it there as much. It’s no coincidence that when we finally feel this forward movement with Mercury going direct, that powerful and direction-oriented Mars will also be bursting into Gemini where he can finally gather some speed. The weekend might feel a little sticky as he gets to the final degrees of Taurus and Mercury has to accelerate too. Yes, we’ll feel like we can start to move forward again, but we need to make sure we’re headed in the right direction first. Are we prioritizing the right things? Have we come to the right conclusions in terms of not only what we released, but what we’re going to manifest to replace it? Double-check your map this weekend before going full speed ahead next week.

Mars in Gemini is going to help us use the power of fire to get our minds focused on what it is we desire and that we’re going to be working to create in our lives. This transit will help us forge the right kind of friendships that can help us along the way, the most direct way of thinking and communicating our intentions, and will help to alleviate the overthinking that can plague some of us. I know I’m excited for this one.

Hang in there, because we are really almost there. We’ve come this far, so it’s too late to give up!

Energy Rx

Since we’re going to be changing directions this week and posed the question, “Are you actually ready to go out and create your life now?” we could use the encouragement and strength of SUNSTONE, which helps us to discover our own personal power and confidence. Carry this stone around with you this week.

Picture c/o Energy Muse

Card Pull

This STRENGTH card literally jumped out of the deck before I even finished asking my question. Notice the peaceful expression on the woman’s face on this card. There is strength in surrender and openness, which has been our big lesson lately. Often it takes more willpower to choose a state of peace and acceptance than to charge ahead and take frenzied action out of fear of what will happen if we don’t. As we are in these final stages of Mercury retrograde, we absolutely must find that peace and surrender. When we release something from our lives, we create an open space that will eventually be filled. However, sometimes we don’t know exactly how and when it’s going to be filled, and it takes strength to be comfortable enough with that unknown. Our entire lives, like the 12-sign wheel of the zodiac, are a cycle of creation, release, and creation again. We don’t know what lies several miles down the road, and that’s okay.

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