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GUIDED FORTH | Astro Bulletin August 5–11

We have some really awesome and lucky energy this week, my sweet friends! Some major fireballs are going to be driving us into situations in which we need to make choices about whether we’re going to move towards awesomeness or keep sitting in the peanut gallery, too meek to do anything.

This whole week we have Venus and the sun tracking each other through Leo, culminating in an exact meet-up on Sunday. Venus is showing us how we can create more romance, enjoyment, and joy in our lives, and how our soul desires this for us. Leo wants to have a great time, and Venus wants to lock down the goodness as permanent fixtures for us by defining it as simply a value. Like it is simply part of our moral code now to be joyful and have rad stuff in our life.

To make it even cooler, these two planets are also making a happy trine over to Jupiter, who is standing still in his home sign of Sagittarius, about to go direct. He’s fixated on not only our worldview that we’ve been going over and revising since April—and how that worldview is affecting how our lives are playing out—but is a giant ball of luck and fortune that we absolutely need to take advantage of. The thing with a trine too is it is really easy energy, which can mean it’s also easy to ignore since it doesn’t always come at you with a bang, but that’s why I’m putting you all on notice that it’s there: Take advantage of it now!

Speaking of a bang, Tuesday’s moon-Uranus opposition should give you a little bit more of an obvious message of what is required of you to step into that new value set. This transit can be a little weird and strange, and oppositions can feel like we’re being pulled in a new direction that we aren’t necessarily ready for, but that’s what we need right now if we aren’t already getting stuff done here.

As it happens, Tuesday is also when the trine between the sun, in his home sign of Leo, and Jupiter, in his home sign of Sag, is exact. No coincidence there. Pay attention!!

The intensity of the mid-week will alleviate and Friday the moon passes over Jupiter, showing us how our emotional body needs to match up and align with our new perspective and how we’re integrating our desires for joy and abundance into our non-negotiable set of values. We have to FEEL into it, recognizing that we already possess the ability to be joyful and abundant right now.

Do something fun on Sunday to raise your vibration. Treat yo self, as they say. It’s a lovely and romantic energy with the sun and Venus, and everyone should show romance towards themselves. When you are having fun and enjoying your life now, you can draw more fun and enjoyment to you tomorrow, the next day, and the next day.

Card Pull

The four corners of the world are opening up and advertising vacancy this week, letting you know that you can choose whichever place you want and create your home there. You’re holding the power in your hands to do it, and you need to become comfortable with the vulnerable state of taking risks, and you must have complete faith in the ultimate outcome. You’re surrounded by divine support!

Energy Rx

Take a risk this week and then journal about it. Find something that seems scary, but also thrilling, then do it! Write about the experience and not only how awesome you are, but how doing risky stuff like that is just part of who you are.

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