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HEADSPACE | Astro Bulletin May 6–May 12

Do you ever have those Monday mornings where everything is annoying and you want to just shout about how annoying it is? Today might be one of those days as we experience Mercury in the final degree of mouthy Aries. On top of that, as soon as Mercury enters Taurus on Monday afternoon, he’s going to start passing over electric Uranus, making our thoughts seem erratic, perhaps even giving us the urge to live by our technology for a few days. Through the whole first part of the week, because of those two guys meeting up as well as the Moon going through airy Gemini, we’ll be living in our heads more than usual. Sometimes it gets really weird in there if you don’t step out and feel the earth underneath your feet from time to time. Being too wrapped up in your intellect and reason can disconnect you from real life, so stay alert.

As Mercury makes its transit through Taurus over the next couple weeks, we’ll spend more time thinking about what’s most important to us. We also have more manifestation power behind our thoughts—how can you turn your dreams and daily messages to yourself into the things you want most? Hint: By consistently thinking about how not only are you worthy, but you already are living in the energy of having those things.

On top of this power boost to our minds, in the middle of the week the Sun is going to start making a trine over to the South Node, Saturn, and Pluto in fellow earth sign Capricorn. Because of the nature of the South Node as well as Saturn and Pluto actually being in retrograde at the moment, this transit offers a connection to our past—past selves, past habits, past lessons, etc. We can more easily see the things that we’ve overcome and learned from in the past and how we can work with the power we’ve earned from those situations in order to better our future, discovering the true home of our souls. What changes have you made it through, and what more can you dare to do? You’ll have the rest of the week to work with this transit, so see what thoughts and situations come up that are nudging you in the right direction.

A basic premise of the law of attraction and all that kind of stuff is being able to feel the feelings of that which you desire. On Thursday, as the Sun is continuing his chat with his buddies in Capricorn, the Moon will be meeting up with the North Node—our emotional body meets our future. There’s a feeling of great optimism here. We can believe in our own abilities to overcome past challenges, and we will be blessed with being able to feel what it’s like to be our future selves, to be in the home that our soul is calling for us to be in. Really be mindful of these feelings. Write them down even. Come back to them repeatedly to help guide you towards the future and manifestation of your dreams.

This weekend we’ll still be in the position to examine our past selves and how we’ve come to where we are, but we’re given a quarter Moon on Saturday as well to help us see where perhaps we’ve been a little bit too prideful and unwilling to admit that maybe we’re not all that AND a bag of Sun Chips. Also, where has our innate desire to create not quite resulted in the creations that we had in mind going in? Where is that disconnect happening and what can you do to put the plug back in the outlet?

Sunday afternoon would be a great time to do something nice for your physical self after all the mental Olympics and serious thinking about our life tracks that has gone on this week. The Moon’s pass through Virgo means we should do something to honor our vessels on this day and get out of our heads. Go for a hike, do some yoga, or eat a vegetable. We should feel relieved and eager to unwind on this day, reward ourselves for the week’s work, and prepare to kick ass in the next week.

Energy Rx

Write a list of the five greatest lessons you’ve learned or values you’ve come to embody in your life from past experiences and why, because of where you are now, you are grateful for them.

Card Pull

Two of Cups. So much of this week is asking us to look at ourselves, where we’ve been, and where we are going. The tarot is asking us to have love and compassion for ourselves in this context—you owe it to the past version of you, who had yet to learn certain lessons and overcome challenges. Without that version of you that made those mistakes, you would not be where you are today, bigger and better. It’s medicinal to release the shame and hate you feel towards that version of you, letting that weight off your shoulders. Not in the sense that your life is to be a complete free-for-all, disregarding what you know is right because you can just get over it later, but because you are grateful for those experiences, those lapses in judgment perhaps, because now you know better and you’ve gained that wisdom to drive your soul car on the right road going forward.

Further, allow yourself to connect with the future version of you that you’re evolving into. Allow that version to share with you what changes you need to make within yourself to become them, and trust that not only can you do it, but even when it gets uncomfortable, the payoff is huge.

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