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HEALING & THE FUTURE | Astro Bulletin July 22–July 28

Happy last day of Cancer, my friends. This week the cosmos are sending us the message that we all need to hear: We must be vulnerable AND brave enough to own up to the internal garbage we have cluttering up the place—thought patterns, beliefs, and other ways we are being our own prison guards—and be willing to invest in the cleaning service to clear that shit out so that we can freely step into our futures unencumbered and live our best lives.

I look to the orientation of the planets today, the final day of the sun’s transit through Cancer, as a hint of what the lasting impression of the month should be for us. Cancer’s ruler, the moon, moving over Chiron as well as Mercury retrograding through Cancer itself reveals that we are all looking inside ourselves at where we feel we’re lacking. Where do we think we fall short on the inside and how is that affecting how we act out life on the outside? Answer that question for yourself.

As Mercury continues his swim through Cancer in his retrograde cycle, he’s going to be meeting up with Venus this week, bringing up the idea of our deepest and most important values into the mix of areas that we’re being asked to re-examine and redline. Furthermore, this transit also helps point out how flaws in our thinking and daily actions might be holding us back from achieving the dream lifestyle that we desire. If we pay attention and stay open, we can fix that stuff, huh?

Tomorrow starts the sun’s most favorite month of the year—it’s Leo time. Celebrate all the fabulous Leos in your life, because they’re definitely going to want to celebrate themselves. But beyond that, because the sun is in its strongest position for the next 30 days, let’s all really lean into the magic that the sun delivers to all of us. This luminary is representative of our soul’s journey and purpose, the highest vibrational version of ourselves that everything else in our life revolves around (astronomy and astrology have a lot in common). It’s time to focus on that purpose and how you’re following the path to embody it daily.

Later in the week the sun is going to make a square over to Uranus. It might seem like the life of our dreams is just too far away to even consider making the trip. You haven’t been fooled into wanting what you want just so that you can’t have it and be all pissed off about it. Bring these two fixed energies together and decide to FIXATE on it now. Follow one of the most frequently touted tenants of the law of attraction and “act as if,” and because we’re in Leo here, acting is an apt verb. Go beyond just the act though, and do that clearing out of emotional crap and stories you’re telling yourself about why you can’t have it or be it, and stir up the joy right now. What kind of small actions can you take to be joyful in where you are? The more you create of that joy, the more that joy will lead you to even more compounding joy.

A final transit I wanted to mention is another one that we’ll be experiencing throughout the week, with Mars, who is already in fiery Leo, speaking with Jupiter, who’s at home in retrograde in Sagittarius. Here’s another message from the cosmos showing us how to take our belief structures about how the world works and rework them to accommodate the growth we’ve experienced, the wisdom we’ve gained, and how we’re yearning to become something greater. If you’re open, it’s usually pretty obvious where you’ve been telling yourself nonsense and thus living nonsense unnecessarily. Find that fire power and confidence and DECIDE to believe in a “wise and loving” Universe (as Nadiya Shah always says) that will help you grow into your greatness…if you let it.

Card Pull

Nine of Pentacles. Look at all that brightness and yellow! Perfect card to welcome Leo month, wouldn’t you say? The person in this card is surrounded by beauty and abundance, the kind he can really get his hands on and witness in real life, since we’re talking about the earthy suit of pentacles here. He’s hanging out with a cool little bird, the sun is out, and he’s clothed in a robe that has flowers on it that look suspiciously like the Venus symbol. It’s just like I said in the horoscope: Find ways to embody this joy and abundance now, and it will go forth and multiply. Go into your own garden and witness what is already growing there that you can give thanks for. There’s so much beauty to appreciate right now!

Energy Rx

Just go outside this week and feel the warm and powerful sunshine on your skin. Mindfully soak it up and let it infiltrate your entire body and spirit. But if your skin tone is that of a loose-leaf paper like mine, don’t stay out there for too long with out SPF.

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