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"I'm not religious; I'm spiritual"

I’ll admit it: I’ve been into what some might refer to as “the occult” since I was 14 years old. I consumed multiple books on Wicca and Paganism and studied the metaphysical powers of crystals, herbs, and energy work. Of course I kept this under wraps from most people as I attended Catholic school, though nowadays I find that the Catholic Church employs more magic in their rituals than most churches.

Flash-forward 15 years of waning interest in any kind of spiritual practice and time spent rekindling my pursuit for what feels right to me, I am now one of those people who gives the annoyingly noncommittal retort, “I’m not religious; I’m spiritual,” which for some conjures up the image of a breezy hippie wearing hemp bracelets floating from their hot yoga class to Whole Foods for vegan muffins. Well, I'm not a vegan, I only do yoga in a normal temperature, and I think Whole Foods is overpriced. The jury is still out on the hippie part. But really, this is the only way I can think of to explain myself.

I continue to study metaphysics, meditate with my rocks, work with energy, and read tarot. I also pray to God daily and keep love and light as the ultimate goal in everything I do, though like all humans I fall short sometimes. Also, God changes forms for me into the divine aspect I need at that moment: Spirit, Universe, Goddess, Mother Nature, etc. I consider it all part of the same being, though because “God” is such a massive concept, I think it’s okay for us humans to talk to one face at a time. I chat with my spirit guides too, and sometimes they tell me what I need to know.

Of course astrology is included in my spiritual practice, as I view it as a tool to understand what we are here to share, learn, and ascend to in this lifetime. I look at readings and transits as a way to connect with our own souls—our spiritual selves—and find inspiration to work through things and have faith that what we are drawn to on a deeper level is that which we should pursue.

I struggle to find any label that really fits. I don’t practice Wicca or follow the wheel of the year. I don’t consider myself a true Pagan because, although I love a lot of the old world magical practices, I still believe in the Oneness and observe Christian holidays. Calling oneself a witch is also common among magical-metaphysical-occult types, but that just doesn’t resonate with me.

So for now I’ll just stick to what sticks and continue to learn. So, yeah, I’m not religious; I’m spiritual.

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