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Is astrology a gateway drug to devil worshipping?

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Some Christians like to read their Bibles, go to church on Sunday, say their prayers, and be good and decent humans as the Good Lord said they should. Other ones like to absolutely lose their wigs in protest against against differing approaches to spirituality and other innocuous activities and call it devil worshipping.

Google “Should Christians practice yoga?” for a comical amount of nervous hand-wringing about whether this wonderful meditative and active practice is actually just boot camp for Satan’s army.

Besides yoga, my beloved astrology is often implicated as a tool of the devil to lead us all away from God and Jesus and towards evil mysticism, divination, idol worship, etc. Even normie religious folks who might otherwise live and let live are quick to serve up dismissive comments like “Oh no, I’m a Christian, I don’t do that,” as if everyone knows astrology is inherently anti-Christian and one couldn’t possibly be down for Jesus and the zodiac simultaneously.

This blog’s intention is to assert my opinion that this kind of fear-mongering about astrology is absolute horse apples, both in a historical context and the context of my own personal spiritual practice of astrology AND a hearty belief in God.

So first of all, astrology has been around a lot longer than Christianity. I’m not saying that with the undertone of one is better than the other, I’m just saying it. The Babylonians were the first ones to practice it. Back then, astrology and astronomy were one and the same. THIS is an awesome little summary on the history of astrology.

There are also plenty of astrological references within the Bible itself. 12 apostles; 12 zodiac signs. Jesus multiplying the fish; Jesus’s crucifixion commencing the age of Pisces. The son of God being the center of everything; the sun as a luminary being the center of the solar system and heliocentric astrology. And my very favorite, the three wisemen literally using the stars to guide them to the birth of Jesus. They were absolutely astrologers.

Back to the 12 apostles thing for a second though. If you look at the paining of the Last Supper, go left to right and see how the depictions of each apostle correspond to the energies of each zodiac sign from Aries to Pisces. Eager Aries is projecting himself across the table, Gemini (ruler of hands) has his hands up, Mary is Virgo the Virgin, Sagittarius and Pisces are in the middle of a philosophical debate, etc.

So all that historical stuff happened, but is the philosophical and spiritual framework of astrology incompatible with Christianity or other religions? I don’t think so, and my logic for such boils down to one indisputable truth: intelligent design.

If we are to believe that our magical universe and especially our planet earth were not made by accident, and that a divine being (called God for my purposes here) project managed the whole deal, then wouldn’t that divine being also have choreographed the movements of the planets?

“But Molly, the Bible still says that divination is bad. We should be going to God Himself for everything, not the planets.”

I would respond that the planets are a way in which we can receive guidance from God. Since we can’t schedule a meeting on the guy’s Outlook calendar to ask for life advice, we are blessed with different modalities of connecting to higher truth and receiving encouragement, guidance, and lessons. He created heaven and earth, and those of us shuffling around on earth could really benefit from the guidance offered by heaven, i.e. the planets in the sky.

My personal approach to astrology is rooted in a belief in the divine. That’s not to say that every astrologer goes at it the exact same way, but I think a lot of us follow a similar thought pattern. I believe 110% that studying the movement of the planets offers us a more detailed explanation of what this all means. Anyone who has studied their own chart knows the kind of illumination I’m talking about. “Oh, so THIS is why this keeps happening in my life. THAT is why I have a hard time with x, y, z. Now I know where I need to improve myself. Thanks!” I believe the patterns of the planets serves as a tool we can use to understand where we’re supposed to be changing and evolving and becoming better humans as God intended.

By starting with studying your own chart and the way energies are interacting within your being, you can start to understand what God intends for you in this lifetime. What are your natural talents and gifts? What are your flaws and challenges to overcome? How can you improve yourself through your relationships with others? What are some healthy ways for you to deal with stress? I’m not seeing the connection here about how getting answers to those valid questions in order to become a better person qualifies as devil worship.

In THIS article, the writer details many more connections between scripture and astrology, and perfectly sums up what astrology is by saying this: Astrology is an ancient, unified science of interpreting the divine through the use of archetypes, cycles, and symbolism. I love that.

In conclusion, astrology is not a gateway drug into devil worship. God isn’t going to damn you for reading horoscopes. There’s no one single way to be spiritual, no matter what the fanatical crazies like to tell you. Weave together your church practice with your star-studying practice if you want, and enjoy the ride of enlightenment.

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