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Ladies & Gentlemen (Signs)

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Because I’ve been thinking about my own journey of getting in touch with my feminine side, especially since having my son in June, I offer you these musings on the idea of ladies and gentlemen in the realm of astrology.

When you start to learn about the energies of the signs, you might start thinking about them in masculine and feminine terms, like I did.

In this context, masculinity and femininity are unattached to biological maleness or femaleness. Masculine energy is projecting, while feminine energy is receptive. Masculine energy hunts and gathers, while feminine energy takes those ingredients and changes them into a meal. Every one of us possesses both masculine and feminine energy regardless if we call ourself a man or a woman. Just because someone wears a dress and lipstick doesn’t mean they are vibrating with exclusively feminine energy.

Some of us tend to anchor one more than the other, and by examining your birth chart, you’ll get a new perspective on which energy comes more naturally to you.

Some students of astrology understand all water and earth signs as feminine and all air and fire signs as masculine. I mostly see it that way, but take issue with Libra and Capricorn, because Libra is ruled by the very symbol of femininity, Venus, and Capricorn has the whole hunter and pursuer of resources thing going on.

Aries: Masculine

Taurus: Feminine

Gemini: Masculine

Cancer: Feminine

Leo: Masculine

Virgo: Feminine

Libra: Feminine

Scorpio: Feminine

Sagittarius: Masculine

Capricorn: Masculine

Aquarius: Masculine

Pisces: Feminine

What happens if you are an otherwise traditional male or female but you have strong energy in an opposing sign? Well, in my opinion and personal experience, part of your soul journey in this lifetime is to come to terms with both and how to integrate them without feeling conflicted and like you can only do one or the other. The Libra male who is intent on making everyone happy and come together in harmony might need to learn how to assert himself. The Aquarius female (hi) might need to learn how to put her independence and do-it-my-damn-self attitude aside and appreciate her receptive energy and learn to rely on others from time to time.

Those of you who are otherwise traditional males or females and possess the according energy in your chart still aren’t off the hook. It’s part of your soul journey to not only understand the opposing energy and be able to relate to it in a healthy way, but to relate to your own energy in a healthy way. An Aries male (god help us) needs to realize that they aren’t the only one that matters and be able to take in others’ feelings and experiences. A Pisces woman needs to learn to assert herself once in a while and not sit back and wait for everything to happen on its own.

That’s the cool thing about astrology: Even the “good” stuff in our chart still presents opportunities for growth and development throughout our lifetime. Looking for squares and oppositions isn’t the only way to see what you need to work on. So take a look at your chart and a look in the mirror and see how you can evolve this year.

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