The current cosmic story is about identity, values, and priorities. The spotlight is shining on the choices we’re making in our lives, what we’re making time for or not making time for, and how the aggregate of those choices manifests as our person, both our inward spiritual being and outward projection to others.

Which of our choices and energetic expenditures are rooted in insecurity and are attempts to cover, conceal, or correct perceived flaws? Which choices come from purity and are honest and earnest pursuits of joy or well-intentioned self-improvement?

The beginning of August is a culmination point of this balancing act between contemplating the self and revising our public presentation with the Uranus/North Node/Mars conjunction and Venus aspects. We’re going to have to make a final cut of energetic and emotional expenditures that are not pure and are not conducive to beautifying our emotional body or our outward body.

It is easier to act as a martyr and sacrifice joy and contentment in order to pursue intangible perfection, but bold declarations and change are more beneficial in the long-term. Though it sounds oxymoronic, prove to yourself that you can take the more rigorous path to peace.