Leaving the Herd

When the virus shenanigans started happening earlier this year, I'll admit I was nervous. What is this bug that they're talking about, what happens if you get it, what happens if there's a rolling stampede of gurneys into the hospitals of sick people and not enough health care personnel to take care of them, what happens if we run out of canned food and Charmin?

But by about April, I woke the fuck up.

Don't worry, They said. Just two weeks to #slowthespread and we'll keep the volume in the hospitals under control and we'll all manage with cute TikToks, Zoom calls, and feel-good commercials about **We'Re ALL iN tHiS tOgEtHeR**. It's going to be okay!

Two weeks become nine damn months, and here we are. The hospitals are not overrun, but people have lost their businesses, livelihood, and belief that it's ever going to be okay.

Masks don't really work, anyway. Actually, if you don't wear a mask you're essentially a murderer. Once we get a vaccine, then we can open up again. Actually, even if you get a vaccine, you're still toxic, so keep wearing the mask and don't go anywhere. Keep six feet apart and it's okay. Actually, even if you're six feet apart you can still kill everyone around you, so we're still shutting down your business.


That's what happens when you give those who have/want power an inch: They take that inch, then another, then another, and then you're fucked and they're livin' large at The French Laundry.

It was sneaky, what these people did. By convincing you that your health and the health of old Granny was at risk, and that they just really care about you, you start believing that they know better than you what's best and you bow down and say, "Yes, master. Tell me what to do, master. Tell me where I can go, who I can see, and when I can get my next check to feed my family." The process was slow and intentional, which is why so many people didn't realize it was happening. Unfortunately a lot of people still don't and still have a laughable trust in these authoritarian pharaohs who through absolutely no coincidence haven't missed any paychecks of their own.

Not to mention they don't even believe their own bullshit.