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LESSONS IN CREATION | Astro Bulletin August 12–18

I am so excited about the sun/Venus conjunction that we get to enjoy almost this entire week. Especially in the sign of Leo, it’s a spotlight on all the things we love the most, plus romance, creation, and just enjoying life. And with Mercury in Leo now too, we get to find little ways on the daily to bring pleasure into our world.

Our ability to manifest our desires is the theme of this week. We have the mental aspects with Mercury’s passage through Leo keeping the dream life at the forefront of our consciousness. Then the moon’s movements today and into tomorrow give us the sense of a new beginning. Some heavy emotions will come up, and the feeling that we’re ready to put the work in. By tomorrow afternoon, the moon moves into Saturn’s second home, Aquarius. Here the mental aspects are picking up again, with a combination of feelings and conscious thought and how they’re supposed to relate to each other.

We’re being challenged in the conscious thought realm and being encouraged to let go of the need to completely plan our future. Aquarius is a future-oriented sign, and the full moon this week is a challenge from the cosmos to release our need to think through everything, plan it all out logically, figure out the details, and then and only then decide to be happy about it.

The full moon occurs on Thursday, with the sun conjuncting Venus and hovering close to Juno and Mars. Plus, like I mentioned, Mercury is hanging out at the entry of Leo. So yeah, that’s hella Leo, dueling off with the moon all by her lonesome in Aquarius. With that kind of Leo army, who do you think is going to win? What are all these planets going to force the moon—and us—to do on this full moon?

Well, like I said, it’s time to give up the planning and control. Release the focus on the mind and instead focus on the heart. Permit yourself to feel happy and illuminated by the beauty that is in your life now, understand that it’s totally okay to put your focused energy on all the good things and make the commitment to being happy, even if your logical self is trying to tell you that you still need to do something first.

That’s the secret to manifestation. It’s not the object or experience itself that you want, really…it’s the feeling you think you will get from having it. You don’t want a million dollars, but you do want to feel financially free. You don’t want a new relationship, but you do want to feel loved and supported. So we have to release the need to plan exactly to the T how we’re going to achieve that financial freedom or love and support, and instead we need to cultivate those feelings right now. Where in your life are you already free? Where do you already experience love and support?

The energy from this full moon is going to linger as the Leo army moves along, however the moon’s going to swim on into Pisces this weekend. We might feel lost and confused and like we’re overwhelmed by how we’re supposed to reprogram our minds to… unprogram our minds. Take advantage of the highest vibration of Pisces and just connect with what’s around you, absorbing the goodness. Don’t overthink it and feel guilty for not working hard enough, because you can still put in work while absorbing happiness and joy now. Jupiter is officially direct now too, so we have him on our side bringing us the luck that we might have felt was lacking lately.

It’s time to fully embrace what the lion wants to teach us during the second half of Leo season. Live life from your heart and give yourself permission to soak up the sun’s abundant rays!

Card Pull

The Devil and King of Wands. What negative stuff have you attached yourself to? Actions, thought patterns, fill-ins meant to distract you from what you actually want on the larger scale? Have you tried to convince yourself that those things are making you happy, but they’re really just distractions? It’s time to be the master of your kingdom (hi Leo) and accept nothing less than amazing. The king doesn’t have time for fill-ins and BS, he knows he deserves greatness. Hint: So do you.

Energy Rx

Answer three questions in your journal:

1. What is the thing I want the most?

2. What will I feel once I have that thing?

3. What can I do to feel that in my life now?

Then go do those things!

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