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Libra 2018 Sun/Rising Horoscopes

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Happy Birthday, Libra! And Happy Libra Month to everyone else. Where this season is generally about finding balance, beauty, and harmony (it is the equinox, after all), this year we're going to have to dig through our own dirt and filth to find that beautiful diamond.

For more about what's coming up for all of us this month, watch my Libra 2018 general message on YouTube. Now check what's up this month for your sign below 😘


Aries, my fiery friends. While Libra season is normally the time when you’re thinking more about others and your relationships, this year it’s going to start off about YOU. Unfortunately, for the first few days, the Sun will be shining right on the part of you that you’d rather keep in the shadows, making you feel like you’re in a tug-of-war between keeping up with the story of your darker days and wanting to shine brightly and be present for others out in the open. Might I suggest you find a way to show yourself love and compassion for the shadow but understand that is not what defines you?

The Sun’s trine to your ruler, Mars, from September 22nd through October 5th will give you a chance to play well with others, especially by being a leader that they respect and admire. I know as an Aries you think it’s aaaaaall about you, but with Libra as your 7thhouse, you actually do know how to be fair and balanced in your relationships. Not in the Fox News sense.

Venus retrograde is happening in Scorpio, which is already a shady and weird place, but since this is your 8thhouse, it’s even shadier and weirder. Places where you have given up yourself to other people or situations are going to be on the forefront, and you’re going to have to decide if it’s really true to your values or just a cheap thrill. Also you’ll have to face the question of if the relationship aspect is healthy and functional, or if you’re living a page out of the book of your crazy neighbors that are always screaming at each other. Is there something or someone you need to unhook from?

The New Moon on October 8th, for you Aries, will be a time to start seeking the balance in these relationships. Be careful of trying to make too much happen too fast, or to look too far down the road in terms of what you want to see become of these situations, because there are some more challenging aspects happening on this day. But as the Sound of Musicsays, “Let’s start at the very beginning; a very good place to start.” Set the intention to start thinking and speaking more positively in these relationships and seek that magical Libran balance between what you need and what they need.

Towards the end of October, things are going to feel tense again and honestly you may feel tempted to act selfishly. You’ll feel conflicted between what you want and what appears to be for the best of others, and you might wonder if you are giving too much of yourself to others. Especially for you as an Aries, with part of your soul’s purpose to assert YOU, this kinda sucks. My advice to you is to consider the idea of leadershiprather than sacrifice. You are a natural leader and can do a massive amount of good in the world by leading by example, showing up as the authentic you, and teaching others to do the same, rather than trying to do it for them. Meditate on what the idea of leadership means to you and how you can tune into your natural gifts, talents, and what you are consistently drawn to, and contemplate how you can create opportunities to bring that to others.


Sweet Taurus, are you ready to get your life in order? Good, because that’s what Libra season is about for you. On Monday the 24th, with the Full Moon the day after Libra begins, there will be an uncomfortable amount of fire in the air for you as an earth sign. The heightened emotions on this day may have you wondering where did you come from, why are you here, and was it all a mistake? Hint: it’s not. It would be ideal to try to release some of the rigidity of trying to figure everything out and understand that you are right at home right now.

The last week of September and first week of October should feel good for you, like there are things opening up for you at work and people seem to just get what you’re putting down. Like your daily grind is starting to pay off. Don’t let opportunities go to waste! Make the most of this motivating energy and move and shake towards your goals. Get yourself in gear in a more expeditious manner than maybe your Taurus self is used to!

Venus retrograde starts on October 5th and for you might just overhaul your relationships from the freaking ground up. You are very attached to people by nature, but those attachments are going to be called into question. At first it might seem as simple as the relationship being a distraction from your time at work, but you’ll soon learn there’s a lot more to it than that, and you’ll have to figure out if where and with who you’re depositing your energy is just holding you back and is no longer genuine.

The New Moon this month is a weird one, and for you, it’ll be like your beliefs about the rules that govern life and humanity are discombobulated and you need to do something to make sense of them. Like we talked about before, don’t think that you don’t belong here or that the rules that you have to follow and the way that you live your life every day are different from everybody else. Look for ways to integrate and find oneness.

At the end of October, things start getting tense again, especially for you as a fixed sign. You’re going to start thinking a lot of about where you’ve been and where you’re going, and realizing that status isn’t everything and keeping up with appearances is exhausting. Don’t tell yourself that your worthless if you don’t achieve x, y, and z. Don’t think that what you’ve been locked into so far has to continue to define the rest of your life. Try to find an objective view and a balanced view that gives equal weight to respecting how far you’ve come into your current life and what you strive for and what your soul is calling you to do.


Ah, my favorite sign! Libra month is good for you and gives energy to the things in your life that make you feel the most vibrant. This year, with the Full Moon happening right at the beginning, it’s going to feel obnoxiously serious and heavy for you though. While you are the type that likes to get out with others and flap your lips nonstop, there might be some passive aggression popping up that people are expecting certain things of you that you can’t give and you’re starting to resent it. Since the rest of the month is more of a you time, take the opportunity to seek out situations and people that allow more of a give-and-take and that make you feel like you don’t have to dim your light for others.

The last week of September and first week of October is a beautiful time to explore for you. Either explore literally and take an amazing trip, or start learning a new skill or reading a fantastic book or starting up that Rosetta Stone class again. You are not one to sit still, so use this time to expand your mind and learn about what’s going on in the rest of the world.

The New Moon this month is funky. For you it might be like you’re not sure where you belong and whether your authentic self is welcome here, but you’re eager to start finding your niche. While I would caution you against completely deleting something and starting over, I would suggest you try not to worry what anybody else thinks and ask yourself if you have been living your life most honestly according to you. If not, what could you do differently? Could you make space in your life for other activities and things that bring you joy and happiness? A constant supply of happy feelings can work magic, my friends.

The end of October might have you asking some serious questions about whether your lifestyle and how you’ve been taking care of business and yourself is really aligned with what you strive for and is even honest to what you truly believe. All this thinking, though, could lead you into an endless circle. Don’t try to make everythinginto a huge philosophical question when some things could be answered simply and you already know the answer. You already know more than you let on, which is a big deal since you Geminis like to tell everyone practically everything. You don’t have to second-guess when you’re just chomping at the bit to speak the real truth.


As someone who likes to feel right at home, Libra month is a time for you to focus your energy on creating plenty of peace and harmony in your home and with your family. The Full Moon on the 24th, though, may bring up some questions of whether you’re spending enough time out in the world, whether you’re using home as an escape from responsibilities, and if you need to put more effort into straightening out your relationships, especially business and professional relationships. Even though we all need to cocoon sometimes, doing so at the expense of other areas of our life not getting the attention they deserve is not the point.

During the Sun’s trine to Mars the last week of September and first week of October, I think you’ll be able to see the proper way to use your home—be that physical or emotional—to slough off the day and prepare to go out and make things happen. You’ll understand that the power of self-care and restoration can be used as a tool to show up in the world in the most radiant way possible. Further, you’ll be able to shine some healing light on the wounds that maybe you’ve been spending too much time licking away at in the darkness instead of overcoming them.

Venus retrograde, which starts on October 5th, will bring up introspection and self work for everyone on what’s truly important to them and what’s the after-effect of an attachment syndrome. Specifically for you, the amount of energy that you’ve poured into creating, into perhaps what started off as a “hobby” but now is consuming you, and how you want others to see you…well, what needs to change? What is just draining you and what truths about these things have you not wanted to face? Perhaps you’ve been so obsessed with being productive in some way that you’ve lost the spark that drew you to that thing in the first place.

The New Moon just a few days after Venus retrograde starts, on October 8th, would be an ideal time for you to put this obsessive need to doand maketo the side and find a way to justbe. Find things in your comfortable home space that you love and want to be around rather than things that you’re using as an avoidance tactic from the other stresses in your world. What can you make space for to move towardsrather than away?

At the end of October, Mercury’s square to Mars will challenge your power to create and manifest and ask you if you’re using this power out of true desire or obligation. The places where you’re positioning about your creations just on a surface level of what other people perceive and think will be called into question and you’ll be asked to consider instead how those creations can help, change, and inspire. You feel things so deeply, so I know it’s not your goal to be phony and not act from a place of realness. If you have to cut something out in order to devote more time to what actually matters, then do it. Going through the motions won’t be an option anymore!


This month will be a social one for you and also a good time to learn something new that you’ve always wanted to explore. On the 24thwith the Full Moon though, something that you need to clear out may be revealed to you. Have you been telling yourself stores or maintaining unhealthy habits that are preventing you from being able to expand your mind? Like “I’m too busy” or “I could never do that” type of stuff. I know you’re a proud one, but this would be a good time to be honest with yourself and identify some intellectual drawers that are stuffed to the brim with old socks and need a clearing out.

The last week of September and first week of October should be a powerful one for you with your ruler the Sun getting an espresso shot from Mars. In general, you’ll feel naturally more energetic and motivated, and more specifically, maybe you’ll consider pursuing a new relationship or group of friends, or maybe you’ll just strike up conversations with people you find interesting. You never know what you might learn from someone and how that interaction will be mutually beneficial.

October 8th’s New Moon, though, you may be feeling like these kinds of casual conversations and encounters are meaningless and unfulfilling. Like you’re not getting any spiritual satisfaction from your human connections and your life just keeps on staying the same. “Why do I even hang out with these people?!” Rather than just cutting everyone off, maybe take the opportunity to turn inward and see what it is you’re contributing to the relationship, if you are revealing your spirit to these people, and what you could do differently. It’s the much easier route to point out everything that someone else is doing wrong than to look at ourselves, but nothing in your life will change if you don’t.

Towards the end of October, the intensity of these questions will become stronger for you and you’ll really be wondering what your role is in these relationships and the world at large. Have you been changing or adapting in order to maintain them and it’s to the point where you don’t even know who you are anymore? Do you feel like you constantly have to go home and take a nap just to deal with it? This kind of identity crisis and exhaustion is a sign that something needs to freaking change NOW. I would make an effort to get on it while the North Node continues to be in your sign until November, highlighting everything you aspire to.


Hey Virgos! I hope you had a fabulous birthday month. Whereas last month was a lot about you, this month will be more about what’s importantto you. On September 24ththere is a wild Full Moon that honestly may feel a little debilitating to you. It might feel like all your power is zapped and replaced with emotional exhaustion, and this is interfering with your ability to create. Consider where your power is coming from that you’ve been using. Instead of feeling bad about yourself, dig in and use your own experiences in the past of overcoming power struggles and channel that as fuel into your life and creations.

The last week of September and first week of October is a good time to play and experiment with this power. What are little ways in your daily life that you can be more open and honest with people, share your story, and give them something valuable? These couple of weeks may also be super prosperous for you. You’ll see what work and health-related stuff actually matters more is worthy of your time and energy versus stuff that doesn’t give as much of a payoff.

Venus is going retrograde on October 5thin an area of your chart that deals with spoken words and thoughts. Whereas you are used to making an impact with others and delivering powerful messages, you’re going to have to spend some time refining that message and seeing if it truly aligns with your values or not. Don’t say things for the sake of saying them! This cycle will last a few weeks, so don’t lose hope that your voice is disappearing forever or that you aren’t drawing people to you in the same way. You just need to check in with yourself and clear out stagnant ways of thinking and refine your message.

The New Moon on October 8this weird, and for you it might bring up notions that you want to overhaul a relationship that isn’t as spiritually impactful anymore, but you have no idea how to do it. Further, that power struggle will come up again—like your ability to manifest the type of relationship you want just isn’t working. Instead of worrying about the other person, take this time to look at yourself, what youvalue in others, and what yourrole is in creating the energy of the partnership.

At the end of October, you could be challenged again on your manifestation abilities. More specifically, the upkeep of your mental space and what you tell yourself about what’s possible versus what you expect to actually materialize. One comes before the other. You’re never going to live a certain kind of life if you’re thinking and talking about that life in futuristic or even “that’s impossible for me” kind of terms. Clean house in your skill. While your nature is one of taking stock of what’s in front of you more than thinking abstractly, work on integrating what you cannot see. Faith is formless and can’t be added to a checklist, but believing in the divine’s idea of what is possible allows for creation a lot more than relying purely on your human idea of what’s possible.


Happy Birthday, oh beautiful and graceful one! While you’re not as much of an attention seeker as our Leo friends, you still like people to appreciate how wonderful you are. Enjoy that this month!

The season starts with a wild Full Moon on September 24thhappening on Chiron who is in your 7thhouse of relationships. It’s going to light up where you have room to improve said relationships, where perhaps you’ve been behaving a little selfishly, and what you need to work to eliminate to restore harmony. It’ll be fiery.

When the Sun and Mars are in positive aspect the last weekend of September and first weekend of October, you’ll be motivated to really get out and enjoy yourself. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to create something amazing, and you’ll have the energy to do it. It could also be a romantic couple of weeks.

Venus retrograde starting October 5th is going to ask you to address your value for yourself, other things, and even your finances. When it comes to valuing yourself, this is a crucial first step in being able to have a beautiful relationship with someone else. If you’ve been feeling like you’re spinning your wheels trying to please others, then this will be a good time to focus on you and what you truly find important. It might cause some backtracking with money though, so ask yourself if the ways that you go about making money and providing for yourself are in line with these values.

The New Moon on October 8th might bring up more spinning of the wheels. Specifically, where in your daily life you seem to be putting energy that isn’t paying off for you and is leaving you in a state of darkness. I would suggest working some intentions at this New Moon focusing on what I talked about before—who are you, what do you find important, and how can you make space for more of that in your life, regardless of what you feel is expected of you from others.

Towards the end of October, there’s going to be some more challenging transits happening. As someone who is more inclined to go with the flow, the fixed nature of these transits will feel quite binding. You’ll be asked to again examine your set of values as well as your financial situation and see if those things are really in line with where you feel motivated to create. Are you loping along in an unfulfilling job that doesn’t give you the freedom to express your creativity? Would you rather go along with what others expect of you and the rules they’ve set out for what you can and cannot create or would you rather be a trailblazer and shine brightly in the crowd? You’ll really have to take a look at what is or is not aiding in your progression and what’s dousing your light. Hint: Find a way to eliminate that stuff.


Mysterious Scorpio friends, this month is a spiritual and watery one for you as the Sun will be in your 12thhouse. Before you celebrate your birthday and your fine self next month, make the effort to surrender the energetic clutter to the divine to be released.

The wild Full Moon on September 24thwill reveal to you any balancing issues between this spiritual self and the physical. You honestly may feel like the physical reality is not up to par and that you’re falling short and would rather escape into the sea, and it will seem easier to retreat than push on. But nothing transformative comes out of taking the easy route, and with your natural willpower and strength, I know you won’t back down.

The Sun and Mars trine the last week of September and first week of October I think will show you the best way to make use of your personal downtime in order to find complete restoration, rather than just escaping and zoning out. Seek purpose in how you take care of yourself. Honor exactly what you need and allow yourself to have it. Pay closer attention to what your body and soul is calling for. You may need to do some healing of old junk from the past during these couple of weeks.

Venus retrograde starts on October 5th, and since it’s happening in your sign, it will be especially significant for you. You’re going to have to spend a few weeks completely re-thinking how you value yourself, the unique beauty you have to share in the world, and how you’re able to receive love from other people. Sounds like a lot, huh? Well, it will be. It’s necessary work for you, so lean into it. True love and appreciation for yourself can only come from the depths of divine creation and is not dependent on what others think.

The New Moon on October 8th will feel especially watery for you, and probably somewhat confusing, like you know you need to start something new but you’re not sure how or why. Perhaps you feel as if you’re trying to understand something intellectually or find words to express something important to you, but it’s not coming out the right way. For you on this New Moon, focus your intentions less on the thing itself that is bugging you and more on pure spiritual intuition and seeking balance between your human perception of your experience and the spiritual side that cannot be seen.

Towards the end of October, as your birthday month nears closer, there will be more tension challenging your identity as a human and spiritual being. You’ll be asked to step out of your comfort zone of wanting to hide in the shadows and observe and psychoanalyze others (I know you, Scorpio) and be completely present and seeking fulfillment on your own accord. Work to rid yourself of the distrust and skepticism of the world and show up uninhibited and ready to stand out.


Hello fun Sagittarius! This month is more of a social one for you, and since you like to be the life of the party, you can go right ahead and do that.

The Full Moon on September 24th, though, you’ll be challenged to consider whether your social circle is fulfilling you from an authentic place and allowing you space to really be yourself. Are you hanging out with people out of habit or obligation? Are you, who normally feels positive and awesome about yourself, too insecure to try to create something new? Are you feeling like maybe you don’t deserve it? With the involvement of the North Node in an important place in your chart, you’re being asked to shed all the extra layers that are keeping you from being your truest self and you’re being asked to think bigger.

The Sun and Mars aspecting in the last week of September and first week of October will give you a boost of energy in being able to speak up about what’s important to you, what you’re trying to heal, and the life you’re trying to create for yourself. You’ll need this confidence and help to get you through the other challenging transits that we’re being served up.

Venus’s retrograde cycle beginning on October 5th is going to challenge all of your perceptions about spirituality, perhaps your religious convictions, and what your role is in the oneness of the universe. Phew, that sounds fun, huh? Right at the beginning too, with Mars being aspected, there’s really going to be some intellectual Olympics involved with this for you, and a push to try to make sense of your human brain and spiritual consciousness. Be wary not to fall into the trap of escapism during this cycle. Just say no to drugs.

The funky New Moon on October 8th might tempt you more in to that escapism, but in a very disorienting way. Like you know you need to join the world, but the version of you in the world is separate and apart from the private version of you. And you’re not sure which version is truest. Instead of trying to hide too much in this New Moon, examine how you are showing up in the world to your friends and community. Consider what I talked about with the Full Moon—whether you’re running around with people that don’t fulfill you. Set intentions to attract the right crowd.

Towards the end of October, the Mercury and Mars square will bring more of this tension to the surface, this time from an even more spiritual aspect. Are you spiritually being guided to surround yourself with different people, maybe to even change your immediate neighborhood? The types of conversations you’re having with people, are they titillating your intellect at all or just a huge bore? Venus will ignite the Nodes again during this time, forcing you again to consider whether your spiritual beliefs, spiritual identity, and attempt at integration is expansive, positive, and making you feel like your soul is on fire (in a good way), or keeping you in more of the boring same.


Capricorn, oh strong and stable one. This month should be a good one for your career and reputation—I know you’ll love that. Monday’s Full Moon though… it’s going to be an emotional one, as much as I know you don’t like being emotional. It’s going to bring up insecurities you feel in your home, maybe past family drama experiences, that sort of thing. While you’d rather just skate past that stuff and get the job done, sometimes you need to go home and deal with stuff.

The last week of September and first week of October will bring some good energy for you again in your career space and ability to create wealth. You’ll be able to see how the work you’re putting in, your dedication, is paying off with some power to create the things that matter most for you and the people you care about. Go you!

Venus retrograde starts on October 5th, and for you it’s happening in an area of your life concerning those people you care about. Specifically your community, friends, and anyone who you feel called to help and serve. This cycle will challenge you to examine how dedicated are you really to these people? Are you spending your energy with the right people? Do these people you’re hanging around even align with your values and make you feel good?

A few days after that cycle starts, there’s a New Moon on October 8th that’s just freakin’ weird. You might even feel like you want to speak up about what you’ve been feeling in regards to your friends and groups, like you have something to say, but you just don’t know how to say it and feel a little muddied. You also might feel like you need to change something about yourself from the ground up in order to find the right tribe, but you’re not sure where to start, and will this interfere with your larger goals? Are these people that you really don’t even like, are they helping you in some way to manifest the career and reputation you want? But is it worth it? For you I would suggest setting intentions focusing simply on the career and reputation aspect. Ask for clarity on whether you’re on the right path—the most authentic path—or whether you need to go a different direction.

The end of October will bring some tension with Mercury, Mars, Venus, and the Nodes. Whereas earlier in the month you felt like you were really jiving with your efforts at the proverbial office, you might feel like you’re misfiring at this point, an that you need to focus more on the authenticity of your community and the people you surround yourself with way more than just trying to get ahead. The North Node for you right now is asking you to dig deep to find what you truly desire more than anything—and that might not be the show you’re putting on.


Fellow Aquarius! What’s going on for you (us) this month? Well, Libra is in a part of your chart dealing with philosophy, higher learning, expansion, and possibility. So expect all those ideas to be at the forefront.

The Full Moon on Monday the 24th is wild though, and it’s going to challenge your ability to speak. Like, you might have some serious stage fright and feel like your mind and mouth aren’t working and are damaged beyond repair. That sucks for you as an intellectual who likes to feel like you’re on your game mentally at all times.

However, the Sun’s trine to Mars in the last week of September and first week of October will give you some life back, since Mars is in Aquarius right now. You’ll feel easily and effortlessly aligned with your beliefs and worldviews and confident enough to move through the world with them as part of your identity. Really make an effort to hold onto that feeling, because you’re going to need it when Venus goes retrograde.

Her backwards cycle begins on October 5thand for a few weeks, she’ll be demanding that you re-think your career path and make sure that it’s true to who you are deep inside. As an Aquarius, you like to do everything your way, so some of this should come naturally to you, but perhaps you’ve committed to something that at one time was everything to you, but your interest and commitment is waning and you haven’t wanted to acknowledge it. Well, this is when you have no choice but to do it.

The bizarre New Moon on October 8th might feel like a mini spiritual awakening, but a really confusing one. The aspects that this Moon is making to Neptune and Pluto are completely disorienting and might make you wonder if what you’ve thought this whole time, is it real and true? Do only certain spiritual principles apply to certain things in life? Because it’s a New Moon, there’s the energy of wanting to start something new, but with all this funky energy, might I suggest solely focusing on the mental expansion aspect, and not try to uproot your whole life right now? Consider starting a new study program or exploring a new philosophy and see what it does for you.

Towards the end of October there’s some tense and fixed energy going on that again will ask you to own up to whether the more public path you’ve chosen for yourself is what you’re meant to be doing and if it aligns with how you see yourself on the most basic level. With the North Node being in your opposite sign of Leo, you’ll have to literally step out of yourself in order to view yourself, view every action you’ve been taking in your life, and determine if it’s all jiving and helping you live up to your potential and your soul’s potential. Seeking balance isn’t just about black and white or cookies and broccoli. If one area of your life—such a your career—is completely unaligned with your core self, then you will be hella off balance. That’s the lesson for you right now: Bring everything—every belief, activity, thought, etc—into balance and alignment with what your soul is craving for you in this life.


My fishy friends, how are you? You know, this month is definitely a more intense one for you. As much as you like to just keep on swimming, you’re going to have to tread water a little bit here.

The Full Moon on September 24th on Chiron is going to be nuts for everyone, and specifically for you, Pisces, is going to threaten the ground you walk on, so to speak. You might feel like your foundation, security, even financials are unstable, especially when all you need is a deep connection to your own life. I would suggest working to tighten up your daily routine, which should bring you more groudedness.

As a spiritual being, the Sun and Mars trine the last week of September and first week of October will give you some much-needed motivation from a spiritual source. Like God is encouraging you to keep going and seek your own power. Really take advantage of this and ask for clarity that you’re taking the right steps on your path.

Venus retrograde begins on October 5th, and this cycle for you may honestly feel like a balloon that you’re trying to blow up but that keeps losing air. Areas in your life where you’ve tried to take on too much—especially learning and exploring—will have to be shrunken for you to fully digest what you’ve done. You might have been just trying to do too much, getting caught up in the momentum, and now before you completely crash and burn, you need to reel it in.

The New Moon on October 8th will be aspecting Neptune in your sign in a really funky way. Feeling the urge to start something new but simultaneously being disconnected from your own self is just weird, even for a Pisces who is adept at disconnecting from reality. Again, I would set intentions to dig into your rawest power, the kind of power that comes from knowing all of your shadows and not just the happy fluffy stuff. Even if that means having to ignore who you are on the surface for a minute, the work you do down there will eventually bubble up to the top.

The end of October will bring some tense aspects, which will again bring up some of this disconnected energy. You might feel like your mind is in the clouds and you’re trying to find a sense of fulfillment, but it’s not necessarily giving you the motivation to keep going. Whereas you might want to avoid real life by continuing to escape into these artistic or intellectual pursuits, which you aregood at, I would encourage you again to find routine and keep your feet on the ground. Your lesson right now is to really nestle into the Earthly experience and remember what you see with your eyeballs has just as much significance as what you’re conjuring up in your mind.

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