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Libra brings on tough choices | Astro Bulletin September 23–29

Of course I am thrilled that the sun has entered Libra tomorrow (Monday), because airy ruminating is my baseline. But even us air signs aren’t getting off easy, because despite the thrill many of us feel with mental pros and cons lists, this week is extra Libran in the sense of weighing major life directions, rather than just should I date Mr. So-and-so.

Side note: Any true Sex and the City fan will know that Carrie is a total Libra, and spends the entire series infuriatingly deciding whether or not she should be dating Mr. Big, who, in my opinion, is a Sagittarius.

So this theme of choices is amplified this week as we’re deciding whether to move into some unknown future or remain seated in what we already know. The cardinal signs are all activated here, giving us this forward-moving energy. The problem is trying to figure out where to direct it—where to point our swords as we valiantly gallop towards the thing. Onward, noble steed!

In looking especially at the involvement of the Nodes and Chiron, it’s shaping up to be a nail-biter. Are we actually ready to upgrade or would we rather sit back timidly because at least we know how this version works? Are we even worthy of it? How many of you put off your iOS updates for days or weeks because you’re concerned that the update will take forever and interrupt your important meme scrolling? Maybe it’s just me and my rinky-dink rural internet.

Sometimes it’s even annoying being asked to do an upgrade in the first place. Like someone has decided that this just isn’t good enough? It seems to be good enough for other people, so why am I going through this itchy and uncomfortable rigmarole trying to change and evolve into something better? Hint: That is the divine making it clear that they have bigger plans for you.

The ascension is not supposed to be easy. Capricorn is the top of the chart; it is represented by the mountain goat shimmying his way to the top. With the South Node being there along with the cosmic a-holes Pluto and Saturn, we have to really redefine and change what our ideas are of ascension, and be prepared for shit to be hard getting there.

Bringing it back to this week specifically, it’s a decision-making process of whether or not we’re up for the challenge. The moon will track through Cancer, Leo, and Virgo before culminating in a new moon on Saturday, so our emotional journey is starting with being a little emo that all this is happening, then deciding that we deserve goodness and pleasure in our lives, then we need to clean the crap up that’s holding us back, then we’re finally ready to start anew.

Like I said, change isn’t easy, and the new moon will teach us that through some Uranian weirdness. We are often not sure what the change is supposed to look like. But we’re also blessed with a beautiful aspect between Venus and Jupiter, both in their home signs and in strong positions, ready to link arms and show us the way by revealing what we love the most as the welcome sign. Beauty, positivity, and optimism come together to give us encouragement to choose to change and evolve, to shake off fear, obligation, and other crud that keeps us sitting in the same place, and we can start with a new chapter of what is truly important and what God is guiding our souls to.

Card Pull

The three of wands jumped out of the deck before I pulled anything, giving me the overall theme of the reading and this week. We’re looking out at the landscape of life and possibility, and things can seem pretty dang far away, but we’re surrounded by warmth and positivity on our journey, so don’t give up!

We’re weighing out this week what would elevate us to our thrones and bring us emotional fulfillment. It’s a process of discernment and honoring what our heart truly wants. Remember that Libra is a Venusian sign, so the whole month’s theme is seeking beauty. We want to feel like we’re in control of our own lives, and we’re figuring out what is up to our standards and what isn’t. You think the queen has any time for crusty BS in her life?

We need to get over the past and any trauma that happened or events that made us think we can’t have something or we already know what is possible. We’re holding onto some of that stuff because it’s a safety net in the sense of we know what happened and we’ve come to some genius understanding of how the world will always work based on something that happened before. But, as the Hanged Man card is instructing us, it’s time for a new perspective. It’s time to suspend what we think we already know, how past has hurt us, and look at our lives again. Let’s all offer to release our control and convictions for something new and fresh like the Libran air.

Energy Rx

Do something new this week to break out of the routine. Could be something small like ordering a different drink at the coffee shop, or taking a whole day off of work to do something else that makes you happy. Maybe it’s something big like planning a trip to somewhere you’ve never been or beginning a job search. Anything to flip you over and give you a new perspective.

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