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Libra Stereotypes

Welcome to another (very late) installment of my sign stereotypes series. This is not the place to carry on about my personal problems and the reasons for my absence, and I’m not forgetting about you lovely Libras, so let’s just get on with it. I’m ready to defend ya’ll against the astro-shit-talking.

I’ll start with some flattery, because lord knows a Libra appreciates being flattered. This sign is usually very likeable, amiable, and people are just drawn to them. I mean, just look at John Lennon, a famous Libra. He did some very questionable things to some women and yet the entire world is obsessed with him.

But, as it always happens, people still have complaints about our Libra friends. Anyone who has tried to date one and was unsuccessful in locking it down probably claims they’re players. Simultaneously, other observers might assert that they’re way too codependent and can’t make up their own minds. Lastly, for the sake of flattery again, Libras are said to be pretty people who like to be pretty, which really chafes some people.

Players gonna play

Firstly, Libra is an air sign, so don’t expect these folks to get all emotional right away, because that’s simply not how they’re wired. They approach people and situations from a mental and communicative space. Further, being the sign of the scales, occurring during the equinox, and being ruled by Venus, they like everything to be balanced, pretty, and just right. So their souls are calling them on a quest to find that pretty balance in their lives, and that includes through their relationships. They’re literally weighing out all their options to make sure whoever they spend time with is their idea of perfect.

To others it seems noncommittal, but to them the scales have to balance out. Do you think Patti from Millionaire Matchmaker would permit anything but the perfect hair-extensioned and satin-dress-wearing match for her bankrolling clients?

What do you want?!

Because Libra is the sign of relationships, not only are they interested in finding the perfect one, but they are also really oriented to what other people think. Not in a meek and insecure way, but they genuinely want other people to be happy and the world to be a fair and lovely place. Think about it: They’re the opposite sign of Aries, who is all about ME, so of course Libra is all about YOU.

When you ask a Libra to make a decision and they flounder about and keep turning the question back around, it’s really not that they have no thoughts of their own (they’re air signs, so there’s going to be plenty of thoughts). They just really want you to be okay with the plan too.

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

This one is too easy. This is a Venus sign and, of course, Venus is the planet of beauty. The Libran balance I talked about is one version of this beauty, but there’s still an element of literal beauty as well. The ruling planet of a sign is an indicator of what’s driving their soul in this lifetime. So now you can see how the Libra is driven by Venusian beauty, wanting to look nice and take pride in their unique beauty. This means not only physically looking nice, but also being poised and pleasant in their speech and presentation to others.

One of my favorite examples of this is Dwayne Johnson, who is actually a Taurus, but has a Libra ascendant and is very Venus-oriented in his chart. He has a fantastic bright and airy smile and is always thinking about what he can do for those around him, and people just love him.

Every sign has something to teach us, and Libra has very important stuff to say. Sure, we can tease the Libra for having five dates in one week or aggravatingly popular or always asking where YOU want to go for dinner, but how can we learn from them and dedicate ourselves more fully to finding beauty and balance in our lives? Instead of calling it perfectionism, we can call it having standards for who and what we permit into our sacred space. Instead of calling it codependence, we can call it a beautiful empathy towards others’ needs and not just our own.

So where can you crate more pretty in your life?

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