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MAKING THE CUT | Astro Bulletin May 13–May 19

If you’ve felt just super busy and like you can’t catch up with everything you want to do lately, it’s not just you. Mars, our energy source, has been transiting through the very busy Gemini since March 31, and as he’s getting to the end of the sign, he’s feeling even more pressure to get shit done. I’m so looking forward to getting a bit of an energetic break as he finally enters watery Cancer on Thursday. It’s a place that allows us to count more on our emotions and intuition to guide us, tell us what needs to be done, and helps us decide how we want to define ourselves in a clearer and more streamlined way—less of this chaotic mutable energy that we can’t get a handle on. And I LOVE Gemini energy. In fact it’s my very favorite of the entire zodiac. But still, a girl needs a break here.

As Mars does finish up this running in circles through Gemini, he’ll be aspecting his girlfriend Venus who’s actually in his home sign of Aries. She’s also going to be finishing up her transit through that space, which she doesn’t care for all that much, before slipping into something more comfortable on Wednesday—HER home sign of Taurus. These two planets having a chat as they both change signs is a reminder that we need to balance our own feminine and masculine energy in all forms. Here at the beginning of the week we have an air/fire combo that is much more action oriented, giving us a final opportunity to consider all the options at the buffet in terms of who we want to be and plant those seeds. However, by Thursday as we’re in water/earth land, there’s a softer tone. Now it’s time to watch those seeds grow into pretty roses (the best flower of course) and allow guidance and direction to come to us more gently and without us scrambling around trying to manically figure everything out. Let it come to you.

As the Moon starts her swim through Scorpio, gearing up for a Full Moon on Saturday, she’s going to make an aspect over to Venus and Uranus that is just fascinating here. Remember all that Jiminy Cricket stuff I was telling you about letting your conscience be your guide? Well, this is another reminder from the Universe on that front. The Scorpio Moon is showing us that we know, deep down within ourselves, how to create the future that we desire so much, even if we are afraid to admit to ourselves that we know. It’s a really awesome boost of intuitive power and strength that we can channel into our endeavors to live this life that we desire. Ironically, sometimes we are fearful of possessing this kind of knowledge, because all that’s left to do is put it into action. It’s easier to meander around and wait for things to happen TO us, pretending like we’re still not sure what to do. Not anymore, folks. It’s time to recognize the knowledge you already have, the divine guidance and protection that you are being given, and the fact that you deserve it all.

Our Scorpio Full Moon will be exact on late Saturday afternoon. Between the cutthroat Scorpio energy and the bit of Virgoan influence from Mercury’s involvement with the Sun, this Full Moon doesn’t have time for bullshit. It’s going to ask us to really eliminate the crap from our lives that we don’t need. It’s our final chance of this year’s Taurus month to be discerning of what is most important to us, what matches up with our values. We’re not only ALLOWED to be picky about what we make space for in our lives, but we MUST be picky. Because the alternative is allowing yourself to be controlled by the hoards of junk in your life that you don’t like or want, completely distracting you from what you do like and want very much, thank you.

The aftereffects of the Full Moon on Sunday will have us still feeling a bit like picky bitches, as Mercury helps us to finish figuring out exactly what isn’t going to make the cut, and the Moon’s progression into Sagittarius will give us a larger overview of what the possibilities are of this new life, what our true beliefs are, and how those beliefs are to guide how we live.

So what’s not making the cut?

Energy Rx

Rose Quartz. One of my favorite stones that vibes heavily with Taurus energy. Carry this stone with you this week to help you see all the things in your life that bring you joy and a feeling of love. Focus on those things and prioritize them, letting everything that doesn’t bring you joy and love fall away. You can see what you need to work to revise and edge out and what you should expand.

Card Pull

At first glance, this seems like a freaky deaky card to glean inspiration from this week, but consider this: If you were one of the people in this image, would you have any time or patience for anything that didn’t bring you sustenance and life? Talk about making the cut. The lesson here is to really trim the fat down to the very essentials that you desire in your life. Furthermore, notice how these people are outside of a church. There is hope for their salvation here, as there is for all of us…if we dare to speak up about what we want. So ask for it.

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