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Mercury: Mind & Body

Besides Saturn, through its clownery in my own chart, I am also radically familiar with the planet Mercury because I am a magnet for Geminis. I also love them more than any other sign.

My husband is super Mercurial with not only a Gemini sun, but also a Virgo ascendant. My son has a Gemini sun and a Virgo moon. My mom and mom-in-law are also both Geminis. They've got me surrounded!

Since we are in Virgo season, I’m feeling especially inspired to ruminate on this planet and what it can teach us.

But how can one single planet rule over busy and fast-talking Gemini and perfectionist and self-sacrificing Virgo? Because of the trinity of mind, body, and spirit, Mercury represents our minds and bodies.


Bonus astrology tip: The planets most representative of the spirit slice happen to be Neptune and Jupiter — who happen to rule Pisces and Sagittarius, the opposing signs of Virgo and Gemini, respectively. Isn’t that cool?


Unlike planets like Neptune, Jupiter, and also the moon and Venus, Mercury is not emotional or feelings oriented. Our logical minds aren’t our feelings. Our physical bodies aren’t our feelings. When you’re performing a Mercurial task like adding 2 and 2, it’s going to equal 4 regardless if you’re in a bad mood that day. If you routinely eat terrible food and don’t sleep, your body is still going to suffer in the long term regardless if you are excited to go to Disneyland. Our emotions can help us bypass the influence of the mind and body, but not cancel it out.

Studying Mercury in your chart is a fascinating practice and is likely to leave you saying, “Well, yeah. I am exactly like that. How did it know”

Paul McCartney, another one of my fav Geminis, also has Mercury in Gemini sextile his Leo moon. Many Beatles songs convey the emotion and art via interesting characters and storylines that Paul wrote. The way he was able to communicate the feeling he wanted to in the music is through the storytelling, rather than just “I feel like this.”

We can also learn about people’s general lifestyles through their Mercury placement. For instance Charlie Sheen, a Virgo, has a Leo Mercury trine a Sagittarius moon — appropriate for someone who has led a life of thrill and pleasure seeking. Trines are so easy that it can actually act detrimentally to the person, because it’s more difficult for them to turn off that connection.

I have a Capricorn Mercury, and with it a love of structure, checklists, and self-imposed rules.

In the world of transits, Mercury’s journey affects not only how we pragmatically think about the world and ourselves, but also our daily responsibilities and routines. Mercury hanging out in a fire sign could mean a hankering for more spark and creativity in our lives and make us realize that perhaps we’re bored with the same old Groundhog Day routine. As he’s in the water signs, we have an opportunity to bring together our logic and emotions, and we can think more abstractly about our spiritual purpose in the world. In the air signs, we can do a lot of theoretical pondering and dissection of situations, though it can be kind of an anxious space. In the earth signs, we crave to anchor our lives onto something tangible, and we take responsibility for what work is required to improve our circumstances.

Add in other planets aspecting Mercury and you’ll see what areas of life you could be focusing on when doing this pondering and revision.

Every three months Mercury retrogrades for about three weeks, which is a strong arm into the examination, editing, and responsibility-taking that we were avoiding. We have to pause and reconsider the daily thought processes and activities that we’re engaged in that are aiding or harming our progress and growth.

It’s fabulous to study complex ideas and meditate on the meaning of life, but if your daily routine and head space are a disaster, you’re going to have a really hard time making it up Maslow’s pyramid.

So the suggestion I’ll give to close out this post is obvious. Take a look at your own Mercury and compare its energy with how you’re currently doing life. Where are the two not coming together, and what can you change to align your mind and body more with what your soul desires?

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