Mercury/Pluto & Why You’re Triggered

Mercury, our planet of thoughts, logic, and objective reasoning, is coming in for a conjunction with Pluto, our planet of power, life/death, and control.

On a surface level, this could mean tense conversations, snarly comments, and general irritation with other humans. On a deeper, furthest-planet-from-the-sun level, wtf is wrong with you that you’re so triggered by someone else and their bullshit?

Mercury and Pluto represent such different slices of our consciousness. Mercury likes evidence and reason and wants to understand things he sees before him without getting emotionally involved, but Pluto wants to know the secret agenda,

motivations, and who has who’s naked pictures.

With Mercury also currently anchoring the power of the North Node, who is in his home of Gemini, and on a more transient level is anchoring the moon in his second home of Virgo, we are all taking shit even more personally because not only are those pesky feelings involved, but every interaction feels so fated and dramatic and like it actually means something about our futures and what we need to do to fix our lives.

If you haven’t already, consider the role you have played in arriving at these tense and/or intense moments. What choices have been made that landed you here, perhaps hearing something you really don’t want to hear from someone else or finding that your mind is hiking around on uneven and rocky terrain.

Why is this hike either alone or with someone else especially excruciating right now? What have you been avoiding within and among your own self that’s being jabbed? What choice is it finally time to make to release the tension and be transformed into something truer, more authentic, and objectively you, minus fear and your perception of others’ expectations?

It may have seemed far off before, but with Mercury making it more tangible and immediate, maybe you’ll finally use your raw Plutonian power to burn down the old so the new can rise from the ashes.