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Mercury Rx July 2019

Mercury is going retrograde once again on July 7th. Here's what to expect and what the cosmos are asking us to do, with the help of Disney gifs.

This upcoming Mercury retrograde cycle is all about the self—who we are at our core and how we allow that most authentic version to shine. Further, we’re being challenged to view the self in the context of the future. Who are we trying to become?

Mercury officially goes retrograde on July 7thin the sign of Leo, meeting up with Mars. Leo is a bit of a drama king, but only because he’s trying to really put himself totally out there with no holding back. Mars is powerful and also on a mission to define himself. That’s a lot of firepower burning on our souls and identities! We’re being asked to look within, backtrack, and see where we perhaps have been living without authenticity, and why. What has happened in our past that has convinced us that that is “supposed” to be our role in the world? How can we heal that baggage?

By July 19th, Mercury will flow back into the sign of Cancer for its mid-cycle meet-up with the sun. Information and illumination will occur at this middle point. Some heavy emotions could really come up here that we need to be able to handle with the understanding that it’s all about that healing of the past in order to pave the way for our future selves to shine. Have we been keeping a part of ourselves secret from the world? Are we ashamed of something and keeping it hidden when it really wants to get out into the sunlight? How can we become more comfortable with that part of ourselves, give it the care it deserves, and allow it to be part of our public persona?

On July 31, within mere hours after a Leo new moon, Mercury returns to its forward motion, bringing new life and a new start for all of us. We will feel drawn towards transformation, even like it’s being demanded of us. Now is the chance to truly step onto the stage, taking what we’ve learned, our overcoming of that emotional pressure, and embrace ourselves as travelers on our unique journey. Even the stops along the way that we might have wanted to forget about we have to appreciate as essential parts of the voyage.

We’ll have until August 14th, when Mercury officially leaves the retrograde zone, to refine the wisdom we’ve received. We will have to strengthen our intuitions and allow them to guide us rather than always relying on trying to reason and logic our way into and out of situations and versions of the self. It’s the summer, and we’re dealing with Cancer and Leo here, so it’s time to take off our towels, absorb that sunlight—our soul’s calling—and then dive into the pool and feel the water—the divine within ourselves—supporting us.

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