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Mercury Rx Musings

Today Mercury retrograde begins in Pisces, while Mars is also entering Capricorn to come into trine with Uranus. Neptune and Jupiter are also in a sextile.

This retrograde cycle especially tests our faith and ability to connect to and rely upon a force greater than ourselves to guide us to the top of the mountain.

The vastness of the Universe and God is so hard for us to understand that it's often easier to deny it and only rely upon our humanity, because that makes more literal sense.

It's time to, as Mercury Rx always asks, RETHINK, this time the depth of our connection and faith and how to integrate it more fully into our lives, how we THINK about the future, our goals, and setting our path apart.

The sun, as the symbol of God, still in Aquarius is a reminder that our experiences are all wonderfully unique and strange souls and we should free ourselves from thinking that we have to force ourselves into the same clothes as we think everyone else is wearing, to achieve the same things, on the same timeline, for the same spiritual fulfillment.

Let the rigidity in your mind be released and shifted back to faith.

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