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MESSAGES & REVELATIONS | Astro Bulletin 3/11–3/17

It’s another week, which means we’re this much closer to survival of this TOUGH Mercury transit.  On a personal note, we know that Mercury among many things rules our everyday technology, and this morning my husband’s phone decided to ignore the fact that we Arizonans don’t do daylight savings, and his alarm went off an hour early (i.e. 3:30 AM). Blblblbllblbl.

Anyway, we’ll be starting off our week with the Moon activating the aspect between Mars and Neptune which is helping us to see our spiritual identities, so we may all feel inclined to really define ourselves in terms of what we believe and what’s most important to us.  Maybe you’ll pick up a new book on spirituality or look for a new church group to join.   Mars’ counterpart, Venus, is in a place where we are willing to be more daring in terms of who we are within the world, and that includes our spiritual convictions. So even those of you with group-based spiritual practices should not be afraid to hold onto your own unique beliefs, even if they look different from everyone around you.

The Sun and Mercury are starting to meet up this week, which will be exact on Thursday.  Some more illumination and optimism should be shined onto the area of your life where your faith has been tested through this transit.  These aren’t small potatoes, you guys...when they do finally conjunct exactly on Thursday, they’ll be aspecting the Nodes exactly, which means whatever it is that you’re being called to work through with this is a matter of going right or left in your life.  One direction takes you towards the future, which, even if the journey is going to be tough, will bring your soul comfort, safety, and a beautiful connection to the divine.  If you’re still holding onto fear, you may be tempted to go the other way, which might look a lot more solid and practical, and continue struggling because you think that’s all your life is good for.  You are so much more than that, and life meant to be so much more than that!  Stay open throughout the week as this aspect draws closer and see what guidance and information is given to you that you can use to bravely choose faith—even if you can’t figure out why yet.

Into this weekend as well, because of the Moon’s movements around the Nodes, we might experience strong emotions relating to this life choice in front of us.  We will be able to see what happens when we choose our faith and intuition, what that feels like, the feeling of being safe in our decision, and knowing that we will be taken care of.  However, we will be able to get a long-view glimpse into what it looks like on the other side where we’re much more reliant on facts and physical evidence, ignoring our intuition and ignoring that faith connection.

As Pluto and the South Node are closer to making their conjunction though, we are going to be blessed with release and transmutation of those annoying requirements we humans have for facts—if we allow it to happen.  Faith and working with the divine requires us to believe in what can’t be seen, and as human beings we are just limited in our ability to perceive what the divinity of the Universe perceives.  Our brains aren’t that big.  The South Node right now in Capricorn is very evidence oriented and would rather just do the work himself and ignore the divine’s offer to help.  Ego problem.  Especially over the next few weeks, Pluto is coming in and cleaning house, showing us what we can really count on, where we should really place our faith and belief that we can’t always see with our eyes.  Though because it’s Pluto, it’s not always nice and sweet, and the process of destruction and rebirth can sometimes just suck before it gets better.

We’ll wrap up the week on Sunday with the Moon moving through proud Leo, which is unoccupied by any other planets right now, and because of the dominance of earth and water, is a much-needed dose of fresh energy.  Take some time on this day to feel proud of how far you’ve come and how you have chosen to lean into the challenges being asked of you.  Leo knows his worth, and today I would ask you to examine your own worth and make the decision now that you ARE willing to put in the work, be brave, and dare to create the life you know you are being called to.

Energy Rx

We need to be open to guidance and messages this week, so the prescription is some meditation. After getting into your preferred meditation position, lighting a candle, putting on some new age music, etc., start by just breathing deeply and mindfully to calm the body.  The goal with this meditation is OPENNESS.  With your breaths, make physical and symbolic space in your body by breathing out and releasing stagnant energy and breathing in pure white light.  You don't need to try to achieve anything here, simply open up and allow whatever information, messages, or feelings flowing through to do just that.  You're not on a schedule, you aren't asking questions necessarily, you're simply being OPEN.  When you feel you've meditated long enough, you can always journal and write down what you experienced and learned in this meditation at the end to see what Spirit has revealed to you about your journey.

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