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MOODY SOLAR ECLIPSE | Astro Bulletin July 1–7

The biggest story of the week is our Cancer solar eclipse on Tuesday. Monday we’re going to be gearing up for the eclipse and feeling the building pressure in a couple places—emotionally we’re going to start feeling edgy, but we’re also going to feel like we absolutely need to define ourselves spiritually, like time is running out and we need to know now who the divine is asking us to be. I know I’ve been feeling that way lately. I had a baby three weeks ago, and while he makes total sense, it’s all the other parts of me that I’m having a hard time making sense out of these days. By Monday evening, we’ll start to feel a shift on this quest as Mars leaves Cancer and enters Leo. What was an emotional appeal to find ourselves is now becoming a more fiery and passionate one. We’re ready to take the guidance and intuitive understanding we’ve achieved in Cancer and use it as the pep talk we need to step onto our stages.

So on Tuesday afternoon, the eclipse is going live. It’s occurring on the North Node, like an arrow pointing us into our futures and giving us the opportunity to start them now. There’s a double dose of progressive energy with this eclipse: Cancer is a cardinal sign who initiates movement, and the North Node is the point representative of our futures, our fates, and who we’re working to become. The combination of these two elements is trying to show us how we can live in more alignment with our personal spiritual truth and begin our lives anew from there. It’s time for the crab to come out of its shell and show itself to the world. Emotions will be heightened with this eclipse as the moon is in a very powerful spot. Honor the way you’re feeling and understand that it’s divine information being delivered to you to help you see your path forward. Sometimes we need those strong feelings to nudge us forward when fear and logic are holding us back.

The effects of the eclipse and the desire to BECOME will continue through the week as the sun continues to pass over the North Node. We’ll also get a dose of fire energy thanks to the chat between Chiron, Mars, and Mercury. Part of becoming means a lot of consideration of what you’re changing from (i.e. your past self). Because of these fiery aspects as well as Saturn passing over the South Node helping us to restructure our relationship to the past, it’s possible for us to be compassionate to ourselves, if not proud of our journeys. We’ve put in the work and we’re ready to take advantage of the growth that has resulted.

Venus will also be entering the sign of Cancer this week, encouraging us to slow down just a little bit and enjoy the comforts of home. We can mother ourselves a little bit with this transit, taking care of what needs taking care of. Ahhhh.

Fourth of July is on Thursday. Hooray! Is it any coincidence that the day that we Americans celebrate our home happens when the sun is in the sign that represents the home? This year we can take extra comfort in spending time with our friends and families and appreciating how those relationships encourage us and lift us up. We could even receive something unexpected from someone we know that helps us along the road. We could all have a surprise encounter over the holiday weekend.

The second biggest astrological event of the week is Mercury retrograde beginning on Sunday. I wrote a BLOG about what we can expect with this cycle, so instead of sticking it all on this bulletin, go there to check out what to expect. In summary, the journey of the self will continue as we refine how we think about who we are on that deep spiritual level and how to act out our lives accordingly.

Energy Rx

It’s a very simple one this week. Give yourself unrestricted permission to express your feelings in a journal. No need to censor yourself here. This is the ideal place to air it all out and figure out what it all means without having to be afraid of what someone else thinks. Phew!

Card Pull

Instead of giving into the misery that complete emotional isolation can often result in, use this solar eclipse this week to learn how to put yourself into the light of the world. The point of BECOMING and looking towards the future is absolutely an individual task, but is not meant to show you how to hide from the world, terrified that nobody else will be able to accept your evolution and what you can offer. Take the strong emotions you’re feeling and your reflections on the journey and use that to find courage to step out as your best and most luminous self. Baby Joe agrees.

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