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Neptune, Mueller, & Media Illusions

As Mercury is stationing on Neptune and getting ready to go direct within the next day, it’s no mistake that we in America are being graced with the lid being blown off yet another example of what my conspiracy-loving Aquarius ass will call a mass media collusion to lie to the public.

Trigger warning: If my mentor, the Leo King, can neutrally discuss current political issues and Donald Trump, then I’m going to as well. If you aren't able to see the mere mention of the man’s name without a “Nazi” suffix, this might not be the article for you.

Now, consider the planet Neptune as one big watery mess where you don’t know which way is up and down. Strong Neptunian energy is like being suspended in this ocean. With the exhaustive gravity and reality here on planet earth, we often need to go for a swim on Neptune—to get artistic inspiration, spiritual encouragement, and loosen our strict sense of boundaries of what is or is not possible in this magnificent life.

Neptune, among other things, rules the media for this reason: The media is showing us a version of reality that may or may not be real. The dark side of Neptune is complete detachment with reality by way of blindly buying into this representation.

In the months leading up to the 2016 election, Neptune was making a conjunction to the South Node in Pisces, an astrological point that represents the past we’re leaving behind and the darker side of the sign that it’s in. The mainstream media were thirsty af during this time to convince the voting public not to elect this man, in a lot of ways counting on the authority they’ve enjoyed over the decades as a valid source of information and influence. They were in an upward battle against alternative media sources that were signing a different tune, but they were still sure of their victory. Media (Neptune) + the way it was in the past (South Node) = overwhelmingly critical news coverage of the Orange Man in Chief.

Unfortunately for those media sources, their game plan didn’t work out as expected. Whether you’re in the MAGA camp or you’re pissed that he won, you can acknowledge this fact that a lot of people simply didn't believe the criticisms being offered by the mainstream media.

I can offer a couple more examples of media fails. In January of 2019 we watched the media, salivating in excitement, to present us the doctored footage of the Covington Catholic teenagers at a rally in D.C. that, true to Neptunian form, presented a completely inaccurate image of what went down between The Smirk™ and the Native American man with the drum. Once more video was released, the illusion was revealed. In the same month, some actor that nobody has ever heard of, Jussie Smollett, claimed that he was assaulted by two Trump-loving white dudes on the streets of Chicago in the middle of the night while he was on his way to get a Subway sandwich. Maybe it’s because I’ve never lived in a city like Chicago, or maybe because I think Subway sandwich shops all smell funny, but the premise itself seems a little questionable to me. He even gave an emotional interview on none other than ABC News detailing the trauma of his encounter. Well, turns out these racist and violent white dudes were actually Nigerian dudes that Smollett hired to “assault” him, and when the fictitious nature of his whole narrative came to light, he faced 16 felony counts for the hoax. Whoops.

When both of the above examples were playing out on the media stations that were extremely hesitant to recognize their own bluff, Neptune was making a sextile to Saturn. Saturn is very grounded and evidence based. He has no time or patience for illusions, abstract stories, or any such nonsense. So as Neptune was gliding through this aspect to Saturn, Saturn was like, “Ha, no, this is how it’s going to be,” and revealed for us solid, concrete evidence to call Neptune on his media bullshit.

So back to the hot news item at hand. This week the much-anticipated Mueller report was released (well, a summary of it at least) that states, much to the mainstream media’s chagrin, that the Orange Man wasn’t in bed with the Russians after all, and his election was a democratic one. A collective “God dammit” is ringing out among all the news program talking heads that have been claiming for two years that a bunch of fur hat-wearing, vodka-drinking russkiye were hacking into the United States to get Trump elected.

The entire time this investigation has been going on, of course, there was no solid evidence available proving any such Russian collusion, but we’re talking about the Neptunian media here, who doesn’t need any such evidence to paint their illusionary images. They kept up their story, hoping that the more they repeat it, the more real it would be, and the more we would all believe them.

Interestingly, when the report was released, the populous simply said, “Okay, next,” as polls have revealed that the vast majority of people don’t actually give a shit about the magical Mueller report. Seems like the media’s conspiracy to cloud our view of the world failed again. Imagine that.

Neptune and Mercury are still in their sextile to Saturn, and this report is absolutely representative of Saturn’s hard evidence and straightforward nature putting this darker side of Neptune in check. Plus, you know, Saturn in his home sign of Capricorn is symbolic of traditional structures such as the government, so it’s not surprising that a government agency is involved in this situation (for the tune of $25 mil).

Having Mercury finish his retrograde cycle and station right on Neptune strongly activated this energy. Mercury has to do with our everyday thinking, communicating, and understanding, and his involvement in this transit brought about a new chapter in this event that everybody has been hammered with in their everyday lives, albeit not with the same wet-mouthed fixation as the media.

So what are we supposed to be learning here? It’s pretty obvious: Don’t believe everything you hear and read, whether your news of choice is CNN or Breitbart. A skeptical public forces a more honest media. If you continue to have unconditional faith in what these gigantic news organizations want you to think, you may be surprised to discover tufts of fleece poking out from weird places on your body, and your voice might start sounding much more bleat-like.

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