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Mercury exiting shadow, a full Moon, and Taurus month begins this week. Woo hoo! We’re wrapping up this challenging cycle for good now. What a relief! The wild and confusing stuff that’s been happening since February is finally at a point of understanding, if not resolution. I’m getting tf out of the water and not even bothering to towel off…how about you? Things should start to make more sense at the beginning of the week, even if the solution isn’t right in front of your face yet. By Wednesday we’re officially moved on, and Mercury is also out of the pool and sunning itself in the sign of Aries.

Unfortunately Mercury is going to jump out of the pool too fast and slip and fall on the pool deck; he’s transiting over Chiron this week, who can be a real dick. It doesn’t help that Jupiter just went retrograde too, so both these transits together means feeling some semblance of “Dammit, not again!” and like there’s more work that needs to be done. Don’t become super fatalistic about this though…Mercury moves fast and is only making sure we paid attention in class and won’t let every new hill (which it’s inevitable there will always be more) completely derail our personal resolve and strengthened faith that we’ve been building up.

Thursday we’re gearing up for the full Moon as we feel some of the pressure build on the Sun’s last degrees of Aries. He’s ready to move on, as we all are. Even Uranus, sitting just on the other side of the fence, is calling over, “Hey, it’s super nice over here in the future. The flowers smell awesome.” This all gives us a feeling of restlessness, so just practice as much patience as you can.

Libra Full Moon #2 is happening at about 4 AM West Coast time on Friday. Of course with Libra there’s the requisite spotlight on our relationships and bringing all the nooks and crannies of them to light, but its more than that. I think this full Moon is one final push to release our egos and allow other perspectives and possibilities to manifest. Cardinal signs ignite the new, but we have to get out of our own single-minded way sometimes to let that happen. Can we allow our life to take a different route, even being unfamiliar with the terrain? Are you willing to trust that you’ll still get there? Remember this: Uranus is beckoning us from Taurus to see future possibility, but Uranus is wacky af and isn’t going to go anywhere in the normal way.

Taurus season is here on Saturday, and this month it really will be okay to stop and smell the roses, as we’ll have some other planetary movements asking us to pause and reflect along with the bull’s slow and steady pace. Of course the first few days might be bizarre and like we have to suddenly change and upgrade our life like the iOS updates that nobody asks for. There will be time to process it, so just deal with it and admire life’s weird humor.

Venus’s entry into Aries is more weird energy, as she really doesn’t like it there. It’s like a girl walking into a chaotic bachelor pad. She has to find a way to fit in and be one of the guys, but she’s still a girl. I mean, Venus is the epitome of feminine energy. Her—and ours, the collective’s—understanding and expression of feminine energy over the next few weeks will take on a more raw, powerful, and masculine tone. But being that in Taurus season we’re in a Venus-ruled sign, this strength and power can help us quickly identify what is and is not for us, letting us relish in our best lives with the best stuff and no time or patience for what isn’t up to our standard.

Energy Rx

Self-care dates should be part of your regular routine, but I’m recommending one especially for this week. Find at least an hour somewhere in your schedule to do something expressly for yourself and take a break from the worry about what’s going to happen next. Sit in the present moment and enjoy a bath, a favorite meal, a favorite movie, or whatever else brings you joy.

Card Pull

Yep, sometimes we just don’t know wtf we’re doing. Sometimes we feel blinded and like we don’t know what’s happening next or how we’re ever going to get from point A to point Z. But as the Moon in the sky on this card reminds us, we have a natural intuitive connection to something greater (God/Spirit/Universe/etc.) who is guiding us step by step along the path, and who will take off the blindfold eventually. It’s crucial that we root into that connection with our faith to help us get through the wacky times. There’s also a duality represented by this card, and as we’re having a full Moon this week in the sign of Libra, who likes to weigh the possibilities on both sides, this card is a reminder to (like I talked about in the horoscope) appreciate other perspectives and approaches, even ones that seem totally out there, because you never know how the divine plan is going to come together.

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