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Nodes in Cancer & Capricorn

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Mind & Heart

On November 6th, the North and South Nodes switched signs into Cancer and Capricorn. Pause. If you’re an astrology newbie—or you just want a refresher course—read THIS article I wrote about the Nodes in and of themselves and what their significance is in the study of astrology.

Put simply, the Nodes are representative of what we are trying to move away from (the South Node) and what we are trying to move towards (the North Node). When the South Node is occupying a sign, it’s bringing out the “worse” traits of that sign and teaching us to not do that. Across the sky is the North Node, showing us the “best” qualities of its sign and encouraging us to do that instead. The Nodes always occupy opposing signs.

Until May 2020, we are going to be encouraged to stop being so Capricorn and be more Cancer.

The dichotomy of these two signs can be summed up as the dichotomy between home and office, or that illusive work-life balance that HR people like to tout.

Cancer is emotional and can be very introverted. She’s ruled by the Moon, who only “comes out” at night. She represents motherhood and care, so how we care for ourselves and others. It’s our home—where we feel most safe and secure. Cancer doesn’t run on logic; she moves from one place to another based on how she feels and her intuition.

Capricorn, by contrast, is logical, grounded, and wants to get work done. He (some people say that all Earth signs are feminine, but for purposes of my dichotomy, and just how I understand astrology myself, Capricorn is masculine to me) is ruled by the planet Saturn, and honestly Saturn can be a real dick sometimes. He’s all about the rules, responsibility, and doesn’t have time for any BS. Capricorn shows us how to aim for the peak—picture a goat summiting a mountain—and put in the work to get there.

However, while we need both of these energies as a general matter, what’s the negative side of Capricorn that we need to release from our lives?

Obsessive reliance on logic and reason, for starters. Being convinced that unless the explanation is physically laid out in front of us, we shouldn’t do something. Constantly aiming for something more at the expense of appreciating the gifts in front of us. Being so stoic, pessimistic, and, well, Saturnian all the time. Ignoring our intuition and what we are emotionally and spiritually drawn to because it doesn’t “add up” reasonably and logically. Capricorn also likes to be recognized for his accomplishments. He wants to be pat on the back and for people to know his name. He’s not fame hungry in the same dramatic way as Leo, for example, but he wants everyone to know he’s the best at what he does.

Especially for earth and air types, this is a big request to just put our intellectualizing to the side and…GASP… go with our gut? Wah?!

Instead, we’re going to be encouraged to find our guidance from within. We’ll be training our intuition and training ourselves to trust that intuition as a spiritual compass towards the thing our soul desires. We'll have to tune out our human need for reasons and logic and rely on trust that we're being guided somewhere for a reason. We need to seek out and make space for what we desire deep down, even if we don't yet understand how it's going to happen. We're here to fulfill our soul's true purpose; achievement for the sake of achievement and notoriety is not the point.

Other Transits

On the day that the Nodes changed signs, Uranus also changed signs in retrograde back into Aries, and the Nodes will be squaring Aries until February 2019. What this indicates to me is the request of the Universe that during this transit, we don’t just go about our business. We’re going to be asked to dramatically change our lives on the most fundamental level. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and deals with our basic identity and how we defend ourselves in the world.

This square is a challenge of turning one corner or the other. We can either work towards increasing our intuition, being in touch with our feelings, and taking action from that place, or continue demanding an explanation for everything and aiming high for the sake of getting there. Do we want to be the person who lives our life according to what intuitively feels right, seeking emotional fulfillment, or do we want to continue to toil and work hard for the sake of working hard, even if what we’re working on doesn’t fulfill our soul?

In 2019, the stakes will be raised. In February the South Node will start conjuncting the queen planet of death and transformation, Pluto. The next month Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn (see previous explanation), will join the party, and the three of them will be in a conjunction until that Fall. Pluto and Saturn are two planets that mean serious business, so both of them hitting the South Node together is going to intensify that energy.

Pluto’s involvement is similar to what the Uranus square is asking of us at the beginning of this Node placement. We need to transform our life by eliminating the old reliance on human logic and reason and replacing it with intuitive flow with what our soul and the Universe are directing us to. We’ll be asked to let something demise so that something better can arise from the ashes.

The conjunction with Saturn is ironic—we’re supposed to be moving away from Capricorn energy, and here we are meeting up with Capricorn’s ruler. I think this will just intensify the need to change and evolve. If we don’t make moves before Spring 2020 to start this process, it might just become more urgent as Saturn starts bearing down on the South Node. It will make it much more obvious and unavoidable where it is that we aren’t allowing ourselves to go with the flow of intuition and emotional craving and where we’re sticking to our uptight logic.

By the end of next year in December, happy ol’ Jupiter will be making a conjunction to the South Node as well. While Jupiter doesn’t like it in Capricorn very much, his very nature is optimistic and expansive, so he’ll usher in some of that energy to the work we’re doing with the Nodes. Don’t get comfy and think that there’s no reason to continue to challenge yourself, because look! Jupiter is dang happy over here! Why would I try to avoid that and keep moving towards the North Node in Cancer? Instead, look at it as some compassion to view our human tendency for logic and reason as a blessing that helps us get things done, but that there’s more to our experience than our physical humanity. We can find a way to bridge between the physical and the spiritual and appreciate both parts of ourselves.

This time of collectively experiencing the South Node in Capricorn and the North Node in Cancer will help us all to see our spiritual and emotional sides as just as valuable of a guiding light as our human logic. While we can never—and should never—completely abandon the reasoning part of ourselves, losing sight of the magic of the Universe and forces that exist beyond our vision will help us realize that there is something greater than ourselves at work here, and that greatness might just have a better way of helping us reach our dreams than we do.

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