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Nostalgia & Possibilities | Astro Bulletin 2/25–3/3

We have a very muddy week ahead of us—the sky is water and earth dominant, and when we mix those two elements, we have a mud bog.  But what can you mold it into?

We’re starting off the week with Venus trudging over the South Node, but making a sextile to Mercury, who is in his shadow space in Pisces.  All that astro mumbo jumbo means that we may be feeling very nostalgic throughout the week, but especially here at the beginning.  We may be seeking to find comfort in old habits, old memories, old feelings.  I am already prepared to be playing my ‘90s and ‘00s playlists to bring me back to my simpler youth.

And speaking of my emo rock of the ‘00s, Tuesday’s quarter moon and Wednesday’s Moon/Mercury aspect adds some more angst to the landscape as we feel like we want to bust out of our current situation, yet feel completely linked to it.  There could really be this feeling of being pulled in two different directions, especially on an intellectual and spiritual level.  You may be thinking about how you’ve been living your life thus far, what guidance you’ve been following and philosophies you’ve been subscribing to, and then questioning the whole damn thing.

As the Moon will be making her rounds through Capricorn at the end of the week, some of that conflict will be alleviated, but we’ll be greeted by a more serious tone, as Saturn and Pluto and the South Node aren’t here to throw you a party.  The kind of emotional groundedness that we get from the Moon’s movement through this space in the sky is a blessing as at this point the Sun is going to start swimming over Neptune, which will be a more exact conjunction next week.

With this Piscean and Neptune energy, we feel our beings open up to more possibility that is not of this world and we feel less attached to realities and responsibilities.  However, we do run the risk of completely floating away like a rogue balloon and losing sight of things we should be keeping an eye on. Especially given Mercury’s movement this week, there’s a sense of swimming in circles here, trying to figure out which direction to go.

Friday is a day ruled by Venus, and she’s celebrating by shifting into the sign of Aquarius.  Hey, that’s my placement.  It’s a transit that can give us the opportunity to connect with the collective and feel some communal love.  It’s also a transit that allows us to be more honest about the weird shit that we’re attracted to in other people, especially on an intellectual level.  This is why I have a real thing for Geminis in my life, because their unstoppable mental prowess and, yeah, mental chaos is just fascinating to me with my Aquarius Venus.

Mercury stations on Sunday in aspect to the Nodes, giving us some a snapshot into where we’ve been and where we’re going, again on a more spiritual level.  Is the divine force that you’ve been following the one that will lead you towards the future?  I’m not talking about Source itself, I’m talking about the faith that you’ve given to Source and the magic you believe can happen.

What are you going to mold your life into?

Energy Rx

We have the opportunity this week for some really magical revelations and insights if we find stillness and allow ourselves to connect to the spiritual energy beyond the physical.  Good old CLEAR QUARTZ is your prescription this week to allow you to see through the waves and hear the messages you need to.  Find a few minutes of quiet time and space and sit with your crystal with the intention of receiving spiritual guidance.  You don't need to put too much pressure on yourself.  Just hold and feel the crystal, allow thoughts to flow in and out of your mind, and see what you can learn.

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