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OLD OUT, NEW IN | Astro Bulletin April 1–7

I just finished doing a tarot spread on myself for my lunar return today to prepare me for the month ahead. I am totally JACKED and MOTIVATED for this next month, so pardon me if this newsletter makes me sound like a gym bro who overdid it on the pre-workout. But it is Aries month after all, and if anyone’s going to be bro-ing out in the gym, it’s Mars. So settle in, because I have a lot I’m being urged to say this week.

Pluto and the South Node are officially conjunct now, which has been a longer-term transit helping us to identify the old and stagnant shit in our lives that needs to be lit on fire and burned to the ground. Yes, Pluto can be that dramatic. Structures that we’ve been holding onto for years, stuff that we do because, well, this is just how it’s supposed to be done or it falls within the realm of societal acceptability… we’ve all been in a progressive state of eliminating that garbage and replacing it with something that we know will take much better care of us in the long run.

Mercury will be gathering up his speed against this week (thank gawd), but will still be treading water with Neptune, so the feeling of our skulls being filled with water instead of a brain will continue. Rather than fighting against the current and asking a million questions about how will this ever resolve, how will I ever achieve this, yada, yada, yada, instead take the opportunity to release the need to control and allowit to unfold as it is, rooting into strong faith that it will. Venus will help us in that task, as she’s joined the Pisces pool party now, where she definitely likes to be. Take advantage of opportunities to unwind yourself, enjoy the beauty around you, and become one with the Universe, which will always provide…if you get out of its frickin’ way and let it.

We got ourselves a fabulous Aries new moon Friday night. As Aries is the #1 sign of the zodiac cycle (which explains why Aries people have to be #1 at everything, doesn’t it?), this is an ideal moment to set a big, fat, huge intention that you want to grow in your life, especially over the next year. Think about what we’ve been doing recently, and how that’s culminating in this new moon: Releasing, transforming, being bold enough to actually allocute the lives we want for ourselves, because we’re finally ballsy enough to believe we can have them. Mercury and Neptune are still playing in the water together at the moment of this new moon, so see previous paragraph. Set the intention to march BOLDLY into your own life, identify who you are regardless of what the herd might think, and let your faith in divine provision be your army backing you up.

This isn’t about being reckless and doing things for the hell of it (although that can be fun too, and a good exercise for those nail-biting over-thinkers of the world). It’s about taking that bold and divinely inspired action to meet the Universe halfway and say “What WHAT? I’m ready for this.” Keep taking that action consistently, despite the hurdles, because you know that there’s a reason you’re being compelled to do the thing. Putting out that steady stream of energy is some real magical stuff, not only getting you in the right mindset and emotional state to live in the vibration of the thing NOW, but is also some potent manifesting power.

This weekend we’ll come off the high of the new moon as the moon finishes up through Aries and passes by Uranus on her way into Taurus. So we’ll have more of that fiery and motivated energy on Saturday (augmented by some zany Uranian energy in the morning) and might just be compelled to r-e-l-a-x on Sunday. Saturday would be a great time to do something fun that the new you that you’ve been asserting would just love, and Sunday is ideal to settle in for some self-care for your fabulous self and let it all soak in.

Card Pull: Seven of Swords Reversed

We got this card a couple weeks ago, only now it’s flipped, which means a new message. You don’t have to try to handle everything yourself. This card is reiterating what I already told you about this idea of meeting the Universe halfway. Yes, you need to take action and you need to get yourself in the right mindset, but you’re also allowed to not know the entire route on the map…andyou’re allowed to hand some of your issues off to the divine and say, “Here, can you help me with this, please?” It takes strength to admit when you need help (anyone who’s ever had the misfortune of being a Type A person in a group project at school can understand this) and to be able to delegate to the Universe, but when you believe that the Universe is perfectly competent and capable of taking care of it while you focus on another task, it’s such a relief.

Energy Rx

What is the life that you’ve been wanting to create for yourself? Write down what a day in that life would look like, but as if you’ve already got it. Feel the feelings of what it is like to be living that life. Try to hold onto those feelings after you’ve finished writing and infuse them into your activities in your life right now.

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