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PACK YOUR BAGS | Astro Bulletin July 15–21

We’ve got an intense week ahead of us—an eclipse, planets bunching up together, the final days of Cancer month, etc. Keep reading to learn more.

For starters, throughout this week Venus is going to be moving over the North Node, conjuncting exactly on Wednesday. This transit is showing us our aspirations in terms of where we want to be at home, what our true values are, and what we want to manifest to bring us peace and comfort. There’s a spiritual aspect to it as well, like we know that whatever we’re aiming for is a seed directly planted and watered by the divine. With the watery signs and earthy Venus involved here, it’s like we are actually being shown how to water our own seeds of our dreams, how to nurture and grow what we want more than anything to see flourish.

Tuesday is our lunar eclipse (a full moon except more potent) in Capricorn. Like any full moon that occurs halfway in the lunar cycle, it’s a chance for release. But there’s more happening here. We have not only the nodes, but Pluto and Saturn in retrograde too: two heavy, intense planets moving backwards forcing us to restructure and transform from the inside out. As the moon slides through this space during the eclipse, she’ll actually be the only celestial body in a forward motion. The lesson here is that we must move ahead into that peaceful, comfortable, home—what we know is the life for us—no matter what. It’s time to let go of what’s held us back, leave the old where it belongs, and look towards the future. Saturn and Pluto right now are representing where we have to change and evolve, and the message is to LEAVE THE PAST BEHIND. We need to strive towards our Cancer energy—our home that we know is ours, what is most important to us, the life we find beautiful. The divine has already shown this to you through your craving for something greater. Make it your mission to seek it now.

If you’re still not sure exactly how you’re supposed to supposed to approach this tall order, the sun and Mercury’s mid-retrograde meet-up can bring valuable information at the end of the week and Saturday especially. It’s in the final two degrees of Cancer, so the pressure is on to settle into your new path and pursue what you intuitively know is true. You have to figure this part out before we move into Leo on Monday, igniting the dream with fire and putting it on the world stage.

The moon’s glide through the weekend will also help us to find the spiritual guidance we need to make our move and listen to the inner voice. It’s imperative that we acknowledge our feelings here, because our feelings and emotions, sometimes that seemingly come out of nowhere and we’d rather they go right back, are how we are being spoken to right now. It’s time to grow up and be emotionally available for yourself!

Card Pull

The World. A big card for a big week. When I pulled it, the message that came to me is “You can have it all.” These eclipses are showing us how to create our own world from the inside out. We hold the magical tools to make it happen, and we also have the discretion to decide what we don’t want and can walk away from. In order to “have it all,” we must strip down to our vulnerable core like the unclothed lady on this card. Not only the eclipses, but the retrograde planets at play right now are taking off our clothes—i.e. all the facades. The tarot’s guidance is to find that vulnerability and nakedness, go deep down in the core, and dare to want it all.

Energy Rx

Mountain climbing meditation. (No hiking boots required) Get into your comfy meditation space with incense, candles, grounding crystals, and whatever other jazz you like. Take this meditation at whatever pace you want. Envision yourself at the bottom of a tall mountain with a backpack full of heavy rocks. Next picture yourself climbing up the mountain, periodically removing a rock from your pack and placing it on the ground, all the while it getting lighter and easier to summit the mountain. You can attach specific baggage in your life to each rock if it stands out in your mind, or you can just focus on the energetic shifts. Feel yourself getting lighter, more confident, and more free as you move closer to the top. Once you reach the top of the mountain, stretch your arms out and feel the accomplishment (stretch out in real life too). Embrace your overcoming of all the challenges, release of all the baggage, and the feeling of freedom and triumph at the top. This is your life!

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