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Pisces Stereotypes

We’ve come to the end of the zodiac wheel! I still have two more installations of my stereotype series after this one, but I for one am thrilled that winter is slowly changing into spring, as always happens during mutable signs such as Pisces.

Our fish friends are the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac and are one of three signs with two ruling planets. The historical ruler of Pisces is good old Jupiter, and the modern ruler is the sea king himself, Neptune. They’re a mutable water sign and their symbol is the fish.

One of the most common allegations made about sweet Pisces is that they’re prone to being under the influence. At worse, they’re using drugs and alcohol, at their hippie best, maybe some kind of transcendental meditation, like George Harrison. They also are accused of being emo basket cases who weep at the slightest breeze. Finally, the last claim that I’ll talk about is that Pisces is super artsy fartsy, which maybe you think is super cool or just weird.

George Harrison in all his Pisces glory

Under the influence of Neptune

Pisces energy is really awesome in that it is totally not of this earth, and that’s for a few reasons. One is that it is the last sign of the zodiac, the end of cycle. You know that feeling towards the end of winter where you are physically still in the pits of snow and cold air but your mind is really in warm springtime? In Pisces, we’re neither here, nor there. Our consciousness is transcending our physical reality. We’re connected to planes that we can’t necessarily see.

A second reason to consider is Neptune. As the ruler, Pisces is under the influence of the sea god, and if you know anything about the wild ecosystem and bizarre critters that live in the sea free of the earthly law of gravity, you can understand how Pisces could have the tendency to be totally unpinned to reality.

So because their very beings are simultaneously physically here, but maybe not spiritually or mentally as present, Pisces often has the desire to want to seek alignment through mind-altering substances or practices, and they can get lost in those things. Kurt Cobain is a good example of a very Pisces person who took the dark route of drugs (watch MY VIDEO on him for more). And while George Harrison ultimately took a healthier route of transcendental meditation, he also had a history of seeking the company of women. An unhinged need for romantic interaction is another common drug of choice for Pisces.

What is an absolute blessing about this innate connection to other worlds is that Pisces can be very intuitive, empathetic to others’ emotions, and even be really good at channeling. The key is they need to learn how to hold onto that rope between other dimensions and the present experience.

You, me, and the sea

Think about the ocean again and the absolute anarchy that exists in its sea. Without a compass or specific training, you would have no idea which way is which if you were out in the middle of the ocean.

Myself personally, I am much more terrified to be on a boat in the middle of the ocean than zooming through the sky on a plane, but maybe that’s because I’m an air sign.

This oceanic and mutable influence of Neptune brings with it a beautiful inter-dimensional experience, but it also can have a rather disorienting effect on Pisces sometimes, and they lose track of the difference between their energy and other people's stuff. This can result in heightened emotions, since there's no boundary limiting the amount of care to give, and taking on other people's feelings as their own. Similar to what people say about Cancer, another water sign, Pisces seems to overreact, but they just have so much empathy and emotional connection to people and situations that they just have to express it sometimes.

They would do well to practice setting boundaries and appreciating the difference between what they themselves are actually experiencing now, versus what other people are experiencing, what other people might experience, and what nobody will ever experience, but it sounds upsetting anyway.

Art Class

Those Pisces that are able to paw around and find that rope between the unseen and the physical world can use their gifts to create. Art by its nature is illusionary— it’s a thing depicting another thing and it often has the express purpose of evoking emotions which are also not physical. Pisces is the boss of illusions, so they often are natural artists, be that through music, visual arts, or even books and poetry. Michelangelo was a Pisces.

The ultimate representation of connection between physical/literal (man) and the unseen (God)

In Conclusion

Pisces is really a cool sign in my opinion. Like all the signs, there’s darker elements proclivities, and also natural blessings that they should take advantage of and share with the world. Where is Pisces in your chart? Do you tend to get a little bit lost in this area of your life? Do you feel like you have special insight and divine illumination in this area? How can you cultivate more beauty and art here? Go for a swim and see what you find.

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