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Pluto came for me

Hi, my sweet friends.  Long time no chat, eh?

I’ll spare you a novel about my life, but when Pluto went direct on October 3, my life also re-directed.  Pluto is this far-away planet that sits so deep within outer space that it asks us to change just as deep within ourselves.  Its 50/50 retrograde and direct cycle means that half the time we're trying to figure out within ourselves what needs to change and experiencing challenges that are trying to guide us to that change, then the other half we need to move forward in implementing those changes.  Plus when we have a sun in Libra, we’re also being called to find balance. In short, my life was the farthest thing from balanced, and it came time to give myself over to the divine to change me from the inside so that balance and beauty could be restored on the outside. So I had to eliminate some things in my regimented schedule in order to eliminate some buzzing anxiety and stomach problems.  I in no freakin’ way can offer wisdom to you on how to improve your life when I was not taking the vulnerable steps to improve my own.  We all need to allow Pluto to go in and clean house. I’m slowly doing the major life changes that Pluto calls us all to do, and I’m giving up more and more need to manically control everything, and soon I’ll be able to find a new routine in sharing astrology with the masses.  In the meantime, I wrote a NEW BLOG (besides this one) and recorded a NEW VIDEO, both of which were fun to create, so I hope you enjoy them! Tomorrow begins Scorpio season, Pluto’s home sign, so we’re all going to continue to change and evolve from our deepest nooks and crannies. I’d like to offer this heartfelt advice that comes from real experience over the past few weeks: Offer your entire self up to God/the Universe/Spirit to be changed from the inside out.  Instead of demanding changes to your manifested life that you think are the best, just ask to be changed for the better of you and those who you love.  Give up control of the outcome, strip down to your most naked self, and ask for the divine to take over now. I love you!

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